Web Dev attempting Photography - Any Advice?

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I have always had an interest in photography. Now, I have the means to get a few beginner gadgets to start. I'm currently full time employed as a frontend web developer. However, I wish to take on photography as part time.

Any tips on what I should keep in mind?

Perhaps, someday, the photography endeavor might become my full time job, however until then, what steps can I take?


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Any specific book(s) in mind you can recommend on the topic of photography lighting?

Searching didn't do me much good, as I'm presented with a gazillion options. Not sure I have the luxury of time to sift through many books before finding the juicy part I want to learn.


Lighting seems to be a recurring mention everywhere I look. I have a slight background in 3D, and lighting was a key component in mastering photorealism, thus I think the lighting emphasis is clear and loud to me.



Seek out a community of professional photographers and ask the question there! For a full-time anything, you should be fully devoted and focused on the goal. Follow the advice of those who have mastered or succeeded in their domain. Best of luck to you!


Of course. For now I would start basic and grow my way into it eventually, hopefully.

Still on the lookout for community of professional photographers. Will appreciate any pointers too.


Use the same prime lens for a year, every day.
Compose your pictures, think, don't just click.
Try a step back / forward before taking the picture you've just thought of.
As someone has said before, lightning is everything. Know the effect of a close / distant source, a small / wide source, front / side source, direct / bounced / reflection ...
Look at your pictures a week after you've taken the them to clear your mind and be unbiased by the moment.

Have fun.


Coming from an observer here at a design studio and not necessarily a participant in the production of photos...

In a controlled studio photography situation, lighting is the mega important thing and going to be what almost all of your time is spent on (excluding digital touchups). And lighting isn't even just about putting bulbs in the right places.


Yep, lighting.

I've looked online for some good books on lighting. Found a couple. Will get them and drawn my head into reading them.



Grab your camera everywhere and take pictures!

You just take lots and lots of pictures, then select the ones you like. You have to gain experience on how to place objects inside your shot, perspective, lightning, train your hands to be steady not to get skewed horizons.

Actually, if you decided to buy photo equipment, i think you are already quite fascinated by photography and know these aspects yourself.

Don't hesitate to join communities for photographers, such as Flickr. Share your work and learn from more experienced photographers.

Good luck in your journey!


Thanks for the tips. Definitely important and will keep them in mind as I begin the photography journey.


Its a really awesome article. Thanks for sharing it I also read an interesting article related to blurry photography, I think you should also read this.


Attend local photography meet ups to learn from other photographers. Shoot in RAW and learn about the lighting triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture).


Don't overspend in the beginning


Interestingly, I do not have that much to even overspend. The minimal funds is keeping me in check, because I definitely thing I would have overspend.

Will keep that in mind.


Yes, i found someone with similar interest. Always loved the idea of capturing moments. I'm also a big fan of Photography.