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Khmaies Hassen

here is my resume please take a look at it and give me some advice, thanks in advance.

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Hi, I think it's a solid resume, congrats.

Just a few small details in the copy that would make it even better

a quick rundown:

In the description: "Software engineer student specialize in..." should be "Software engineering student specialized in..."

In the skills section, capitalization is not hugely important but trivial copy errors can be corrected:

"IOS" to "iOS", "swift" to "Swift", "nodejs" to "Node.js" (or "Node JS"), "Sql" to "SQL", "NoSql" to "NoSQL", "SqlLite" to "SQLite", "Mysql" to "MySQL", "javascript" to "JavaScript", "java" to "Java", "html" to "HTML", "css" to "CSS". You either put everything in lowercase, which make sense because the styling looks like they are "tags" or you use the proper capitalization for each word. But don't mix it, your choice.

Same thing for the experience, things like "api" instead of "API" or "angular 5" instead of "Angular 5" or "Ads" instead of "ads". "RESTapi" should be "REST API".

"and using Adobe framework (flash,photoshop,illustrator)" should be "and using the Adobe suite (Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator)".

Same thing in the experience section. "Google play" should be "Google Play" and so on. Basically google all the names of the tools and use the capitalization they use :D

"this game made until now 200k+ downloads in windows store" should probably be rephrased as "This game as made 200k+ downloads as February 2018", replace it with the month and year of the last time you checked :) Because "now" is a moving date.

"i used Ionic 2" should have a capitalized "I" as in "I used".

In the volounteer experience you use the present tense, but the experience was in the past, so I would rewrite that paragraph using the past tense. Something like: "My role consisted in supervising all IT staff and creating events and trainings related to new technologies inside and outside the university. I also worked on the communication and advertising of such events, in addition to social media."

They are all trivial changes, that's why they are worth getting right. They polish your resume.

Also, make sure the links are clickable if you send this around as a PDF or in a web page or in a presentation format.

Good job so far!

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Khmaies Hassen

Thank you for you advice, i was posting for internships and entry level jobs with this resume but i didn't get any luck i get rejected from the first selection. thought that my resume is the problem but after what you said now i don't know what is wrong :p