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Let's help get some fresh talent in the industry. Help out another person by checking for spelling, grammar, making sure their resume is easy to read and any other tips you have come across your journey you think will benefit someone else.

The rules are simple:


Post a link to your resume / cv below for others to review, or get extra eyes on.


Please give feedback and reply so we don't all pile on the same one (but you can absolutely provide additional feedback).

*if you don’t want your personal info out there please replace with placeholders so the layout isn’t messed up. *

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Senior iOS Developer at Quicken Loans. I care about diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and making tech a better home for all. Plant and dog collector.


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What a great idea!

Here's my resume. I welcome any feedback! 😁

Edit: New link because Google Docs was changing some formatting slightly


Wow, this is impressive and you just graduated! NICE WORK!

One suggestion I have would be to get a little more detailed on some points to help you really stand out. It will also help people get a firm grasp on what you can do the more detailed you are. For example:

  • "Manage project to ensure timely completion" -> What exactly did you do that helped the team stay on task?
  • "Integrate multiple complex enterprise systems to provide services that optimize and support business processes" -> What processes were supported? What systems were you working with?

I am personally a big fan of tailoring my Resume. You have A TON of awesome skills, but sometimes that makes it a little overwhelming to read. When you are applying, look at the job description and maybe try to whittle down your Skills list to those that you think would be most important for the job. That way if someone is reading your resume they can easily see you have the skills they are looking for.

When I first graduated I also put some of the relevant classes I took under my education section. Something to think about if you want. I also added notes about any organizations I was involved in or led that I thought might convey I had skills the employer was looking for.

Did I mention I LOVE your font?! :D Keep crushing it!!!


I agree with all of this. That’s all I have to add. 😂


Thanks for the feedback! I definitely would tune my resume depending on the the job I was applying for, this is more of a general one that I keep to modify as needed. I've updated it based on your feedback, along with some other modifications 😄

"Manage project to ensure timely completion" -> What exactly did you do that helped the team stay on task?

This was actually more-or-less filler leftover from when I was an intern, so I decided to drop it. The team I was on had a homegrown project tracker written in Angular and embedded in Sharepoint (yuck!), nowadays I use JIRA and GitLab to track work and manage time.

"Integrate multiple complex enterprise systems to provide services that optimize and support business processes" -> What processes were supported? What systems were you working with?

Updated to reflect specific examples.

Did I mention I LOVE your font?! :D

I like my resumes how like I like my terminals, monospaced.

Again, thanks a ton for the feedback!

Those added details are PERFECT!!! It makes a huge difference :)

One other thing my Mom always told me was that when you are starting out you should have a one page resume and after 5-10 years then you can expand it to 2 pages. Anyone else have an opinion on that? Yours is 2 pages more bc of formatting so it might not matter. For those of you who are doing a lot of hiring, do you have any preconceived notions when you see a 2 page resume?


+1 to what Molly said, I wish I would had such experience to show when I graduated haha.
Definitely trimming down the skills to the most relevant for the job you're looking for is important.

Thanks! I was lucky enough to be hired full-time as a SE while I was in my 2nd year of college, so I started gaining a lot of experience early on. I definitely plan on trimming things down when I start searching for another job. Thanks for the feedback!


OK, I'm going to poke as many holes in this as I can:

Consistency (i.e. evidence of attention to detail and caring about your presentation) is important.

Some of the skills are written as "Frontend - React, Vue, Bootstrap" and some as "Version control using git or svn". I'd recommend picking a style and sticking to it. Keep capitalisation consistent between technology names and use a dash to separate the label from the list instead of the word, "using". There's no reason for some lists to have "and" or "or" before the last item and some not to. I'd leave it out, because that makes the text look a little less dense on the page.

Lines like "provisioning of customer accounts in vendor systems" are pretty vague and look like filler to me. If I was interviewing you I'd maybe ask you to elaborate but I might make the assumption that you just put it in there to make the list have more than two bullet points.

Remember that when someone (well, someone like me) looks at a CV we're noticing the weakest parts and we're thinking that if the candidate included that bit, it's because they couldn't come up with anything better. The best CVs make it look like the candidate had just shown us some examples of how good they are, leaving the reader to imagine that everything else they've done is up to the same standard.

This is the most interesting line in your CV:

Utilize MongoDB aggregation framework and SQL to write reports to save company upwards of $300,000/yr

Instead of that I might choose to write this:

I planned and developed a reporting system for MongoDB which reduced operating costs for the company by $300k per annum.

Obviously it depends what you did and that might not be completely accurate anymore, but I'm trying to put the emphasis on you doing something. I'm also trying to avoid contractions like "/yr" and words like "utilize" which make things sound buzzwordy. I've also changed the voice so instead it's not so passive and it's more about you. I know some people say that you shouldn't use words like "I" too often in your CV, but, well, I don't agree :P

I don't think you need to include the heading on every page1. Reviewers are probably either going to be reading this on their screen or on a printout that they're bringing to the interview, so they're not going to get anything mixed up. This means you get more space on the page to sell yourself and you don't need to use titles like, "... continued".

The Education section seems padded compared to the rest, because it's spread out with extra line spacing and includes irrelevant information. When I read things like "August 29, 2018" I think, "why do I care what day you graduated?" It's also inconsistent with the way you write dates for the work experience.

I think this covers everything for that section:


BSc Software Development, Herzing University, 2018.

The classes you mention will already be covered by your skills list... except I notice they aren't. You thought it was important enough to mention that you learned C++, but it's not something you list in your skills. My interviewer brain asks, "did you fail that course?"

I could also suggest you shorten the skills section to just include the skills relevant to the position for which you're applying. Maybe you could keep a copy of this "master" CV and let it flow over a few pages. Knock yourself out with writing this copy but trim it down for each role you apply for by removing things that don't matter.

Maybe change the heading "Work Experience" to "Relevant career history" or something2 because "work experience" is a phrase associated with people interning or still in education, and might put people off who just glance at the document.

It looks like you have a lot to offer, all I'm suggesting really is that you tidy it up a bit.

  1. yes, I know you only have two; I'm being wildly general. 

  2. that's terrible, too, makes you sound like a robot. But I can't do better before my morning coffee! 


Firstly, you have it to 2 pages, which apparently is the magic CV number! I absolutely love the font and style. Its crisp and clean and you can glance the skills quickly and easily.

I really like this, I would interview you.


Looks "Work Experience continued…" not needed on page two. In my experience hiring managers want to see the skills used in each role. Don't be surprised if you get that request. Otherwise, not bad. I'd talk to you.


Thanks! I wasn't sure about that bit myself. I'll remove it.


Its a resume that ought to get you a call from someone looking for entry-level developers.

However, it does not give one a sense of what you do at your first job, in terms of technology etc. It's very abstract there. So, someone looking for meat, might not respond if s/he has many others to choose from, and those happen to be good matches, with some specifics.


Thanks for the feedback! I've reworked my resume to better cover my actual projects, as well as added a summary at the top. I also moved it over to onedrive, as I noticed google docs was changing some of the formatting sightly, here's the new link. I welcome any more feedback 😄


Would love some feedback on mine.

I have a website version that uses Print CSS to adjust down to a printer friendly version.

My thought was that since I'm trying to get a web design/development job having a resume website would be kinda cool and nifty that I can just print off a copy, wherever I am.


Perfect resume because its form itself speaks to your area of expertise. It paints you as having very specific skills, and that's usually a good thing. While a narrow focus can mean some people will not respond, it means that you will hook the ones who ought to respond.


Thank you for the kind words. That's definitely what I was going for. I'm trying to get a job making websites, so why not have my resume be a website? Most places only have an upload field for the resume, but then I can just go there, print off a fresh copy as a PDF and upload it.


Hi Jack.

I like the look of this immediately, but there are a couple of things I would change:

  • The headings have underlines on them which make them look like links (they're not)
  • The employment timeline and skills sections are very large compared to the rest of the page, and they take up a lot of vertical space, which feels unbalanced.
  • The accordion effect for the previous roles is nice, but I don't know why it's there. Why do I need to click to read the text? It's not to save vertical space (see previous point) and there's not a lot of text in them, so why not leave them open?
  • I don't know why the roles on the timeline have a hover effect, because it makes me think I can interact with them and I'm left clicking to no effect.
  • In general it feels like things get more claustrophobic the further down the page I scroll, with less padding and ending up with one giant image. Perhaps this could be made into a thumbnail link?
  • From the two projects, one has an image associated with it and one doesn't. It'd be nice to add an image to the first one (the desktop recreation) provided that's not using copyrighted assets or anything.

I really like the way you talk about "Professional Highlights" and "Projects I'm Proud Of". This gives me the impression that you're selecting things you think will interest me as a prospective employer, rather than turfing out every project you've ever done. Saying you're proud of something and showing it off is also a great way to impress people.


I am loving the printed version. Really stands out compared to the 'wall of text' most resumes are these days. My only concern is the non-tech centric roles; but I have no suggestion on how to deal with that given your experience and how tightly coupled they are to the next step in career path.

OVerall, I am digging the design Jack. Well done.


Thanks for your feedback David. I was definitely trying to stand out with the design.

I've had a couple people mention having my time at Target on there. The only reason I included it was to prevent the "Why'd you take a year off?" question. I've read that having employment gaps isn't the end of the world, but if there's a gap and the answer is "Oh, I just worked at Target" that seems worse than not having the gap.


I love it, it's simple and beautiful

But in Hong Kong, the job hunter only Ctrl+F the exact word, didn't know what is that

They will ask do you know .net if you know C#

Finally, CV will become "Word Wall" :(


I love the interactive Website Jack.


Might just be me, but I always notice when a site doesn't have a favicon or has the wrong one such as the drupal one when they don't give their own. So I would say get a favicon. Looks nice otherwise.


Here is my CV I would like to hear what you think about it and what should I change to make it better :)

Thanks for this opportunity!


HOLY awesomeness! I can't believe you have done all of that and you are only 23!

Now I am not sure what it is like when applying to other companies outside of the US but here is my feedback if you were applying to US companies.

  • Eduction: You list that you have a degree and your grade point, I would put the grade point up with the University name then use the space below to list some relevant classes that might have taught you skills you need for the job you are applying. I also think you can leave your high school off. Given you have so much other experience I dont think its needed.
  • Jobs: Maybe add what language you used at each one otherwise those are solid!
  • Scholarships and Publications: I am on the fence with these. I am not sure how relevant they would be to someone looking to hiring you for a programming job so you might want to leave them off.
  • Languages: I think you could do without this being a full section. Maybe instead of Technical Skills you call that section just Skills and list your two languages there...? Just a thought.
  • References: To save space I think you can leave these off. I typically put "Reference available upon request" at the bottom of my Resumes.

Overall, make sure you are only putting on the CV what the employer needs to know about you to ensure you can do the job they are hiring for. You have so many awesome accomplishments but not necessarily all of them should be on a CV and not necessarily all of them will be relevant for the job you are applying for.

Hope that helps!!!


Hi Molly, thank you for taking the time to check my CV and give feedback! Yes, luckily I could do a lot of things during 2017 and 2018 that helped me to have some accomplishments in my CV after graduating from the university.

I applied to almost all companies in Europe, but I will definitely take your advices to improve it. I didn’t realize on putting classes/subjects that were related to the job I applied, will do that and take out my high school degree.

Also I will polish the other sections to make the CV shorter and better!

Thanks again!


Hi Santiago.

I like your CV, and there's not much I'd change. This is therefore mostly a proofreading!

"What I expect about a company" sounds a little odd - if not a little entitled - to a native English speaker. I might say, "What I am looking for in a company" instead.
The same with beginning sentences with, "also" which is a very European thing to do. "Also I worked" reads better as "I also worked" or even simply "I worked".
There's no need to say "During my internship" in the section which is headed "Research internship". Remove that phrase and get a bit more space to write in more achievements.

I'd reverse the order of your sections to something more like Skills -> Job history -> Education -> Publications... because honestly, once you have any job experience, people stop caring about what you learned at university or school. First eyes on the page will likely be HR people or recruitment agents who are scanning for keywords1

You don't need to list your references on your CV (at least not in the UK, I don't know what it's like elsewhere) as it's understood that you will be asked for them if and when your CV generates enough interest to get you to an interview. Leaving them off saves you space you can use to expand on your skills. If you still feel you need this section, I'd suggest you remove the introductory paragraph ("The people listed below...") since it's unnecessary.

As to that, the intro text to the "Technical Skills" section is also unnecessary. This section and the references section are the only places you use this style. It looks a little odd pressed up against the bullet list and doesn't add any information to the document.

I'd rename "Extracurricular training" to "Training" or put it in the education section. I'd also rename "Technical skills" to "Skills". If you do that, then all the labels on the left-hand side of the document will fit on a single line, which in my opinion will make the page look neater.

I'd work on the margins, too - your name in the heading and some of the dates (see: "February 2018 - May 2018") are pressed up too close to the side of the page for comfort, and they make the whole thing look a little ragged.

  1. Welcome to the world of Javascript === Java. 


Thank you very much Ben, for giving me such a good feedback! I really appreciate the time you took in checking my CV. I will change the writing to make it more clear and improve de margins (I totally agree that they don’t look very well)


Don't know how it is in Europe but normally one page is ideal here in the US. Also the gray background would make this a pain to print out I would think. Content wise looked okay though!


If I can give my two cents, I studied in London and got some pretty awesome CV tips when doing my master.

The recommendation there is also that your CV should fit in one page. My guess is that other countries in Europe are also like that - so research the country's "CV Rules" before you apply. :)

I would also tell you that over there you don't need and actually shouldn't include your picture.


Thanks for your feedback! I will need to summarize if I apply to jobs in US (though 2 pages wasn’t to much). Regarding the background you are right, although I like how it is in digital format, if I need to print it is inconvenient with that colours.

Glad my feedback was helpful. I can't design for shit but I can critique. :P

I think it does look good digitally but is bad for print. The problem with that though is if I get a digital copy, I'm not going to look for a print copy. I'm just gonna be sad.

Totally agree with that haha!


Hello guys, thanks for this thread. I'm trying to get my third job in software engineering, precisely in the front end side of things. Here is a link to my CV, drive.google.com/file/d/1MzAdhjT__.... Thanks in advance for any feedback. Appreciated


Hi Alexander.

I have mostly presentational tips for this one:

  • avoid using the light grey colour for some of your text. On a screen that's below the contrast threshold for basic accessibility.
  • give the text a bit more line height - everything's a little crushed together.
  • you don't need to include the full street address for every job
  • make the tenses consistent: "Prepared technical pitches..." is something you did, but "Full-stack development using..." is something much more passive. Say "Developed xxx with..." instead.
  • remove some of the extraneous language padding out these bullet points. "Garnered experience" is particularly odd - just say "Worked with graphic desieners converting..." instead.
  • Make the section titles use consistent letter case. In "Languages, Interests and links", the "I" is in full caps but the "L"s aren't. In "Technical Skills" it's all small-caps, and in "Work Experience" it's title-case with full and small-caps. Just make them all the same :)

Your intro paragraph is important but it reads slightly clunkily:

Profile: Software engineer with thorough hands on experience of 3+ years in modern Front-end web development technologies (React JS, VUE JS and React Native for mobile development). With skills in rapid prototyping, design, implementation and testing of software products – including user acceptance testing and TDD. Passion for software architecture and experienced with open-source stack: Git, Mongo and Docker.

I suggest a couple of minor tweaks:

I am a software engineer with a thorough, hands-on experience of over 3 years in modern front-end web development technologies (React JS, VUE JS and React Native for mobile development). I have skills in rapid prototyping, design, implementation and testing of software products – including user acceptance testing and test-driven development.

I'm not sure how to rephrase the "passion" part and sill keep it in the same voice as the rest of the paragraph, and I'm worried that putting too many things in that opener will make it less punchy.

Hope this helps!


Hello Ben,

Thanks so much for the feedback. I am so grateful for the time you took to go through my resume and give this detailed feedback. It really means a whole lot to me. I will go over your recommendations, suggestions, and advice and follow suit accordingly. Once again thank you and do have a nice day ahead.

Alexander Nnakwue

Overall feels professional just that I would changes the following. Firstly it's the amount of titles for packt publishing find one title that you wrote down and stick with it. Lastly I would remove the word intern from Sparkplug. Since I won't consider someone a intern when they you had graduated from university and had been working with them for 3 years after they had graduated, that is not a internship but full time work.

Wow. Thanks for the tip Max. I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks again. Regards


I second that view. Nicely constructed CV that gets to the point. Just remember to adjust and highlight particularly impactful experience based on the position/company you are applying, you’ll do just fine!


Thanks Michelle. I will take in your feedback and implement accordingly. Regards🤗🤗


I think your CV is pretty solid, nothing to say :D

I see you freelanced at Packt Publishing, I reviewed a couple of books for them ages ago!


Thanks for the feedback rythms, feels good to hear. Yes I freelanced with Packt a while back. Also doing same with Appress ATM.


It's a marvellous idea @kaydacode
And here's my resume. Would love to get some feedback :)
I am python, javascript engineer and I am trying to land a remote job as backend developer.


1) for your skills at the bottom, how are they ordered? It doesn’t feel obvious looking at it. Either make sure they’re listed from strongest to weakest, or just list them alphabetically. Alphabetical listing makes it look less haphazard.
2) anywhere you can, add numbers. I know from your resume that you worked on apps. Refactored some controllers. How big were the apps? Did you have to deal with concerns of scale? How many controllers did you refactor? When you say “almost all” that could be three or fifty depending on the size of the app. When you implemented caching for an app, what kind of performance gains did you see?


Thankyou for the feedback Jess :)
Currently I have listed my skills in the order of strongest to weakest but since the intent is not easily visible, I'll try experimenting with alphabetical ordering or a small hint denoting the strongest to weakest order.
And I definitely agree with you that I will add numbers to measure each metric, builds a clear picture.


Hello Shashank; your looks pretty impressive. Very well filled out and the sections are well separated. I like that you list the tech used during each position. The one issue that really stings is the capitalization. Python, Docker, etc should be upper case. Also, add the months to to the employment dates. At the moment it looks like you work at each place for exactly 1 year.

Good luck in your search.


Hey David, thanks for the wonderful feedback :D
I'll add capitalisation for key words and adding months is a very valid point, I'll incorporate that too. Thanks again.


I can't express how amazing of an opportunity this is!

Feel free to tear apart my resume. I value any feedback!

I am a student that is searching for internships, trying to leverage my current experience.

Thank you to anyone that is able to give me advice/feedback :)


Hello another iOS Developer :D

I like the beginner to advance ranking. I also like the breakdown all your experience.
Just a reminder that any tech you list is interview-fair game, so make sure you are in fact comfortable with what you list and can answer questions about it. Next, position your skills for the job you want, not the job you have. You have a lot of various experience and I would encourage you to think about where you want to take it. Good luck!!


I couldn’t agree more, thank you so much! I’m in a tough position, because I’m a DevOps intern currently and I love it so much, but I practice iOS development in my free time so I’m trying to find an internship that would see my DevOps experience as valueable, but I agree on what you said because I don’t want to seem wishy washy.

Thank you so much for your advice, it’s always exciting meeting other iOS people!

Devops is valuable anywhere you go!! If nothing else than to provide insight into the whole process. It's always tuff getting started, my comment was primarily something to keep in mind as you go further into your career.


One thing that blew my mind.

How did you give yourself 5 stars (100% knowledge) on Atlassian Suite(Jira/Confluence)?
I am pretty sure even the main contributor/creators don't have the 100% knowledge of the product.


I hadn’t thought about it like that, I agree completely. Thanks!

Hi Bailey,
I would add a few thoughts...

First of all, I come from the school of thought that you highlight your most impactful item based on where you are - your most impactful is eduction at the moment. There are definitely different camps on this one, but I would swap.

I would also put a small (read sentence at most) intent at the beginning to direct the resder you are interested in an internship in x, y or z. I think that could help drive reality.

Love the visual on the left. Hope you have the career you want in tech!



Great idea!!!

Here's the link to my resume. I hope everyone feel free to give any feedback, as I really need it!

Thanks to everyone!


reminder anything technology wise you include make sure you're ready to be interviewed in it.

I would prefer a more skim-able approach. By that I mean, less wordy, straight to the point especially under your experience. What languages did you use? Why were you an asset to the team? What did YOU accomplish? Do you have any measurements (lowered load time by 3 seconds, for example).

For someone with over 10 years experience I'd love to see more elaboration under your experience.. might as well finish filling out that last half of page :)

Under technical skills, you have an extra / in front of React.

Personal preference to move experience before education.

Overall looks good, I think some minor updates would really be beneficial. Good luck!


Hello Kim!

I'm so glad to receive your feedback! Now, I'm going to review and consider your advices!

Thank you so much!!


I have a lot to learn but I've already begun to apply for jobs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Heres my resume


It requires permission to access your resume.. Also, maybe I am old school but I would go with a simple PDF.


good... I had a look and I miss some links to other services like LinkedIn, StackOverflow, your personal website if you have any..

Maybe some hobbies would be good or something that will tell people what kind of person you are.

Also, have in mind that people can have a plan to print your CV to a paper so they would print it also with the grey background so I am more for a white background, but that's just mine opinion.

Wish you best :-)

Thanks so much for your helpful feedback.


I am a WordPress developer from the past one year. I am quite interested in Front end development using HTML, CSS ,Javascript,jQuery and other. I am looking for a job in this field only. This is website prachipweb.co.in. please review it.


Your website is really beautiful, but there is something that could send a wrong message and be detrimental.

The first time your website is loaded, that is to say without cache, there is a loading bar at the top.
All is well, and I was pretty excited to discover why I was asked to wait.

The loading went on for a few seconds and then I just saw a regular page that didn't make me understand at all why there was a loading.
It seems unnecessary and my knee jerk reaction was This person doesn't care about their craft

Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not assuming anything but since it was my initial reaction I'm thinking I won't be the only one and losing a recruiter's interest for such a detail would be a shame.


No I wont mind. You correcting the fault and that is a big help. I will fix it. Thanxx


Your website is SLICK!!! I like what you did with the %'s and the skills, that is a neat touch. I would assume that the left is beginner and right is mastery. You might want to put a little key on that just so people know what the scale is measuring.

For the CV itself.

  • I think the top three sections, Career Objective, Profile, and Personal Qualities you can do without on the CV. They are great but I think you should save them and use them in a cover letter or email that you would write when you are applying. By doing that you can also tailor them to the job you are applying to make sure you emphasis the qualities the job is looking for.
  • Project Undertaken and Research Work - make sure to get the spacing right under the bullets, that will just sharpen it up.
  • In terms of applying for a job I think you can do without Extra-Curricular Activities and Personal Details BUT I would put that you know multiple languages under you skills bc that is definitely not something everyone has.

Hope that helps :)


Thank you so much.. I will make these changes .


I was about to create a post to get feedback on my resume and then I saw this one! Awesome..

Here's my resume! Honest feedback will be must appreciated!


Hi Shahriar,

a few things:

  • "take challenge and gain experience from it" I would change it to "take on challenges and gain experiences from them"

In your skills you mix frameworks in the programming languages section (Angular?) and frameworks in the markup languages section (Bootstrap)? If the section is "programming languages" just list programming languages and then do a section for the major frameworks you know. Also, AJAX is neither :D So:

Languages: C++, C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3
Frameworks: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Ionic, Wordpress, Angular, NodeJS, jQuery, Bootstrap
Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access

Also, swap the order of the experiences. Always put the most recent first, that's the most important while scanning a CV. Same for the awards at the end, most recent first :-)

You are doin a Master in CS, unless this CV is for academic reason I don't think you need to list all the courses you attended at your Bachelor (because the fact that you're doing a Master tells me you're quite knowledgeable in computer science alreay). It also saves you a lot of space in the CV.

Good CV!


here is my resume please take a look at it and give me some advice, thanks in advance.

Hi, I think it's a solid resume, congrats.

Just a few small details in the copy that would make it even better

a quick rundown:

In the description: "Software engineer student specialize in..." should be "Software engineering student specialized in..."

In the skills section, capitalization is not hugely important but trivial copy errors can be corrected:

"IOS" to "iOS", "swift" to "Swift", "nodejs" to "Node.js" (or "Node JS"), "Sql" to "SQL", "NoSql" to "NoSQL", "SqlLite" to "SQLite", "Mysql" to "MySQL", "javascript" to "JavaScript", "java" to "Java", "html" to "HTML", "css" to "CSS". You either put everything in lowercase, which make sense because the styling looks like they are "tags" or you use the proper capitalization for each word. But don't mix it, your choice.

Same thing for the experience, things like "api" instead of "API" or "angular 5" instead of "Angular 5" or "Ads" instead of "ads". "RESTapi" should be "REST API".

"and using Adobe framework (flash,photoshop,illustrator)" should be "and using the Adobe suite (Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator)".

Same thing in the experience section. "Google play" should be "Google Play" and so on. Basically google all the names of the tools and use the capitalization they use :D

"this game made until now 200k+ downloads in windows store" should probably be rephrased as "This game as made 200k+ downloads as February 2018", replace it with the month and year of the last time you checked :) Because "now" is a moving date.

"i used Ionic 2" should have a capitalized "I" as in "I used".

In the volounteer experience you use the present tense, but the experience was in the past, so I would rewrite that paragraph using the past tense. Something like: "My role consisted in supervising all IT staff and creating events and trainings related to new technologies inside and outside the university. I also worked on the communication and advertising of such events, in addition to social media."

They are all trivial changes, that's why they are worth getting right. They polish your resume.

Also, make sure the links are clickable if you send this around as a PDF or in a web page or in a presentation format.

Good job so far!

Thank you for you advice, i was posting for internships and entry level jobs with this resume but i didn't get any luck i get rejected from the first selection. thought that my resume is the problem but after what you said now i don't know what is wrong :p


Great idea, thanks! Definitley will take advantage of this.

Here's my resume I just updated it, so it may be lacking of some things.
Warning: since I'm not a native english speaker I may have spelling errors. Any kind of feedback is welcome :D


Hi Miguel,

really love your intro and your goals, you have a strong CV.

A few notes:

  • "on it’s technical implementation" -> "on its technical implementation"
  • you don't need to repeat the name of the app/project in all sub lists. Instead of "Android developer of Bop" you can just say "Android developer"
  • "de bridge" -> "the bridge", "delivering advances" -> "develering advancements"

I'm not sure about listing udemy's or udacity's courses in your CV, you've already established you're self taught, unless you have a certificate or something there's no need to list the courses.


I was aware of one of those spelling errors, they're quite embarrasing... Thanks for pointing them out!
I'll reconsider about mentioning the online courses, maybe they don't really give more value to my resume.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read it and provide feedback, I really appreciate it!


I'm a senior dev, but been in the same job for 14 years, haven't written a CV in that time, but being made redundant in March next year. Anyone want to give a glance at mine?

I will provide feedback for others as well.


Post it! Why not. Lol


Definitely! Would probably help others who might be looking to make a change after being at the same place for a while.


Hi, guys I'll be graduating soon(hopefully 😂) my pdf CV is at ameerhamzariaz.github.io
I would love feedback on how to improve it to stand out. Thanks


Your page looks great - I would still recommend having a PDF (maybe even reflect the design elements you have here). Most managers and recruiters will print and email resumes around, so make sure it's printer friendly. Nothing says you can't have both :)


Hi Kim, the webpage already has the link to download resume as PDF.(I'll try to make it more visible) btw here is the link. Let me know what you think. ameerhamzariaz.github.io/src/Ameer...


Can you help me make my github page look this good?!!! haha

  • Right off the bat, one thing I notice is that your summary statement is super broad and you talk about skills from UX to the backend. You might want to consider narrowing down what you want to work on and be more specific in that statement. Do you want to do more UX work? Would you rather work on the backend? If you don't know, then maybe put that you are still trying to figure out what you enjoy working on best. I think admitting that you are not quite sure is better than just being super broad.
  • Skills: The logos are fun but I would stick with listing out the actual names
  • Major Projects: LOVE the tools used section that is a nice touch!

This looks pretty slick. When you put it on paper make sure you can fit it on a single page. You might be able to do without some of your early education if you find yourself running short of room. Also consider tailoring it for the job. If you are applying for a front end job make sure all the design stuff is front and center. If you are applying for a backend position then make sure that relevant is prominent.

Keep crushing it :D


Thanks Molly for your sweet comment. It's true I am still trying to figure out what I want to do when I graduate. That's why I did my semester projects on different platforms/techs.

Which lead to another problem being "Jack of all trades master of none". Hopefully something would zing eventually.

Thanks once again :)

Having a broad skill set to start out is great bc then you can really choose what you enjoy. I started out as a full stack dev and then over a few years transitioned to exclusively the backend bc I realized that is what I enjoyed the most!


Oh what a great thread.

I've never had my resume reviewed before but I've never gotten any complaints about it either.

I would love some feedback: Jemima's resume


Please take everything with a grain of salt and decide for yourself if you agree with it or not :)

  • My personal preference would be to not have two columns. For me it makes it harder to scan and or read in the order you want me to read it in. Is EDUCATION really the most important thing on here? Or should it be EXPERIENCE? Hard to say with multiple columns.

  • Skills. You list JavaScript in FE Development, but break Python and C# out into Programming Languages (instead of BE Development). I'd consider consolidating the sections (particularly UX and UI) and perhaps move the individual Tools into their respective categories. Less headers may result in the skills themselves carrying more weight.

  • Experience... The 2nd/3rd descriptions read almost the same. Creating mockups and wireframes. See if you can't break those out to distinguish. Perhaps mention the applications used? Or maybe size/number of customers, or something else. I guess that, at least for me, "UI/UX Designer" implies mockups and usability so the descriptions aren't adding anything.

  • I would move the last three (teacher, trainer) into their own section... "VOLUNTEERING" maybe? I love that section, but it feels odd in Experience which I think of as more "jobs" and the dates don't let it work well chronologically.

  • Last thing.. If I print this only then do I see your name, website, email, and phone. Might just be my Safari, but seems odd not to have it there all the time.


Hi Philip,
Thanks so much for the detailed response.
I've made some changes to my resume and I'd love to get some feedback from you on the new look.
Once again, thanks

I like it! Did you add the PROFILE or did I somehow miss it completely from last time? Either way I really like it. Nitpick, spell out "2 years" as "two years." It will read better.

I'm still inclined to merge the UX and UI skill categories together, but that's just me.

I think the one column setup really makes it easier to read as you intend me to read it.

I just added the profile.
Right, I've done the merge.
Thanks so much :D


I didn't get any feedback on thread on twitter, would like to try my luck here anyway...

Here are the links to my resume and portfolio. Would love to have some feedback!


Hey Shrey!

This definitely got out of control lol - thanks for posting again.. I'm trying to (slowly) go through and catch any that fell through.

I like the layout, make sure it's printer friendly and in b&w.
Your bullet points are incomplete sentences, which I prefer, but remove the . from the end of each line.
With your experience are there any metrics you can pull out of what you were able to contribute?
Each of your projects point to - present. Maybe remove that if you're just in maintenance mode and only have the established date.
reminder: any tech skills you list are fair game to be interviewed about. Be ready if you list them :)

Thanks for your patience.


Hey kim, thanks for the review. As I just an intern, so there aren't any metrics that I can include, coz I don't know the scale of impact of my contributions.

I will definitely work on the project section!


May want to tweak your resume to a read-only-public link. It's asking for permission now...


Lol - your resume is more impressive than mine, and I’ve at this for a minute.

While your layout is pretty fancy looking, as a hiring manager, it more leans towards “hard to skim” than “stands out in a good way”

Some of your more impressive projects on the right sidebar get lost.


I would add... your resume is visually appealing - big win, makes me want to read it! Love the brevity of a one pager.

My feedback would be remove “I” and make it more action oriented. Instead of I implemented - just say implemented x. “I” can send the message that you don’t value “the team” when that’s likely not your intent.

Truly enjoyed format.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'll change the language 😊


Thanks for the feedback Donald! I'll restructure it; bring the projects to the top. And make it less dense 😁


your Resume layout is amazing can you tell me how can make like it ??


I'm glad you like it, almokhtar!
I saw a design I liked on envato. Then I headed over to Canva and built it using the Envato design as a guide.


Hello, Here is my Resume/CV. I welcome any feedback



You have a lot of great experience on here but due to that and some of the other sections it is a bit long. I would highly suggest getting it down to 1 page. I think if you change your formatting a bit plus remove a few things it would probably be easier than you think.

  • Formatting: Right now the section headers like EDUCATION and then the bullets under them are all the same size which makes the section not really stand out. For example look at @turfaa's resume here. See how the sections are very obvious, try for something like that.

  • Experience: If you are not going into hardware I think you could remove Lambert Electromec. and Karim Enterprises and focus on the software experience. OR make those two jobs a little smaller by paring down the list of things under them. Overall you want to make sure you are conveying that you have the skills that the employer is looking for so anything that doesnt add to that you can get rid of. I would also move this to the top followed by Education.

  • Education: Good

  • Skills: move these up so they are under experience or education. Then I would put extra curricular activities/projects under this.

  • References: Rather than list these out I would save some space and just write "References available upon request"

Overall you have a lot of really neat experiences on here but make sure to only use what will be relevant to the job you are applying for. If you focus your resume it will be a lot easier for people to see that you are a fit for the job.

Hope that helps!!!


Thank you very much.


Hello Molly,

I have made some edits on it can you take another look? Thanks.

Looks so much better!!! I love that you can tell where each section starts and ends. I would still work on getting it to one page. Bullet points like:

  • Handled team registration for competition.
  • Organized team logistics in coordination with team supervisors.
  • Sourced financial (of 100,000 Naira) and technical support. Are all pretty general and not necessarily relevant to a dev job. I think you could combine all these into one bullet point that explains you have all those soft skills employers want.
  • Led and coordinated team logistics while sourcing financial and technical support

Up under experience I think you could be more detailed still

  • Studied already existing projects written by other software engineers. What kind of projects? Were you just reading them or were you expected to provide feedback. Things like that will help paint a better picture of your experience.

Feel free to checkout my post Resume Writing Tips as you are editing it :)

Thank you very much Molly. For some reason I find it difficult to bring it down to a page. But I'll keep trying as time goes on.

This reflects the latest set of changes.


I know I'm probably late in trying to get into the field since I graduated in May 2018, but I would really appreciate feedback on my resume and portfolio website.

Thank you!


Love the layout -
reminder any technology you list be prepared to interview in. Otherwise, focus on what you want your job to be in.

Is it correct that you're doing Data Analytics Apprentice and Mainframe Production Support Analyst at the same time? Both point to present.

Only real suggestion would be to add a line under each position what tech you worked in.. just a high level summary. I think it's great that you elaborated to fill out the page. When you get more experience, definitely focus on making it skim-able.


Why do you think you're late? You just started, that's perfectly fine!

Like the resume :) Good idea of listing what you've worked on in each position


Haha I just feel like I haven't done too much in terms of software development so far in the last 3 years!

Thank you so much! Is there anything that you'd suggest that I modify/change?


Would love to have some feedback on my resume. 😅

Link - drive.google.com/open?id=1aVLMrrJk...

And here's a link to my website where I have put up my work hackertronix.com

Thanks to the community for this initiative


Love the portfolio site Prateek! The little Star Wars heads popping up is a nice touch. It's missing the link to your CV.


Yea I didn't add my resume on the site, but that's a good suggestion... You can download my resume from here drive.google.com/open?id=1aVLMrrJk...



Here is my resume I would like to hear what you think about it and what should I change to make it better :)

Thanks for this opportunity!


Here's mine. It's a little bit outdated, I've just graduated yesterday and learned a few new skills that aren't listed. I also have a portfolio.

I Welcome any feedback! 😁.


Hi Moutaman! I would switch the sections:

  • work history
  • skills
  • everything else

Now that you've graduated probably you don't need the intro.

I would expand on what you're working on now that you're freelancing.

You can't have years of work experience by definition but you can tell what you're doing and learning.

Don't lose your focus and drive, that comes out a lot from your CV.

As others have suggested up in the comments, remember to tailor your CV towards who's the employer. If your strenghts are PHP and Node, maybe lose the "experienced in Java", especially if you're not that interested in doing that. Your knowledge of Android (use upper case for the first letter) development is already a good bonus. I would also remove the first two core skills, because they are implied by the CV

If you can fit everything in 2 pages instead of 3 it's even better!

Good luck


portfolio link is broken :(


Well I thought I had submitted my resume yesterday, but it didn't go through :|

Hope I'm not that late. thanks in advance for your time

Here is my resume Johnny Fang



  • would love to see more elaboration on your projects...
    "especially in the legal department where they struggling to respond to their users on the required time." Great but how??

  • anything in skills is fair game to be interviewed on so make sure you're comfortable with what's listed or leave it off. Use separate lines for proficient / familiar. hard to follow in single line format.

  • projects could probably be included under employment. helps connecting the two and not read like those are your side projects. Would like to see more elaboration, like I said above.


Kim Thanks for the feedback!!!


Wow, awesome topic!

Here is my LaTeX RESUME. I fixed it with CVCompiler to be more DevOps/Python directed, and I would love to get some feedback from you :)


I would increase the font size a bit.

I have a few corrections: "automation at heart" instead of "automation in heart", and "work with experienced software developers" without the "an".

You currently work at Nokia, so you should probably change the label of the section, maybe to something like "Experience" or "Employment history". Previous sounds like "something I used to do but I don't do anymore"

"Scrum master" (without "as additional activity" which is implied) and "since April 2018" instead of "from April".

Instead of saying "mothertongue" you can simply write "native" or "native speaker" in the parenthesis.

"Some of this projects are just one file scripts, and some of them from script becomes a stand alone projects." <- I would totally remove this sentence. It doesn't add value, we all have scripts around. You listed two projects and that's fine.

There are few other corrections incoming, sorry :D

"YouTube to MP3 converter with adding tags" -> "with added tags", or just "with tags"
"Remake of old game with simple GUI" -> "Remake of an old game with a simple GUI"
"attendee on conferences" -> "at conferences"

The last sentence (the one about personal data) keep it optional because it might not mean anything depending on the legislation of the country the company hiring you is in.



Ow.. Thanks for your comment, I will change my CV as soon as possible :) Now I see that not technical skills but english is something I should work with ;)

Ah ah I'm in the same boat, I'm not an english native speaker either


Hi everyone ,I am a 2nd yr CSE undergrad from India.
Here is my resume
Here is my github profile
Here is my linkedin profile

Since I don't have much experience. So plz give your feedback so that I can make my resume attractive and eye-catching for recruiters which will help me and also plz give your feedback on my github and linkedin profile.

Note: Ignore 2nd page (blank page).

Thanks @Kim Arnett for such a awesome topic.



  • Education: I would suggest moving Education to the bottom and I would also suggest maybe adding some relevant course work under the header. Anything that taught you skills that will be important for the job you are applying to.
  • Projects: You have so many awesome projects! My one piece of advice would be to talk a little bit about what each project does. Some like the chat app are more self explanatory but for the Waste Management App talk about what features you worked on etc. Also add what languages the apps were in.
  • Experience: Same as projects I would add some more detail about the work you did.
  • Order: I think I would do Experience, Projects, Skills, Education...or Education then Skills. Regardless I would get the Experience and Project stuff to the top since that will likely be the most relevant.

You have a lot of whitespace and while it is VERY neat, dont be afraid to fill that up with some juicy details about what you did. Brag a little bit :) That will help people doing the hiring get a firm grasp on what you know and what you are capable of.

Hope that helps!!!


Thanks a lot @Molly Struve for giving feedback on my resume. Surely update that.You are the first person who has given me feedback on my resume since it was my first resume. I will keep in my mind these points.


this is an amazing idea,

here's my resume:


I am not that junior, kind of in the mid-level.

but I would love some feedback on my resume .. tried my best following best practices .. but I'm sure i messed up some where 😅

oh! and btw, English is my second language, my primary language is Arabic. So I very much welcome language comments as well



Love the formatting of you resume, it's very neat. I have a few thoughts that might help tighten it up.

  • Summary: I would remove some of the unnecessary words "I am a frontend Software Developer that loves building appealing UIs that perform well with easy-to-read source code. I really enjoy using React because it makes creating UIs simple and predictable." You could also possibly add something about your future goals.
  • TECHNOLOGIES: LOVE that you put the level you are with each skill
  • Experience: I would put this above TECHNOLOGIES. I would also remove the info in parentheses since that is really not needed. You also use the phrase "Worked on..." a couple times, if you can find something less vague and more descriptive that might be better. Make every word count :)

Hope that helps!


This really helps @Molly.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to review it, I appreciate this.


This makes me so happy!!! Love being able to pay it forward :D

After helping a bunch of people with their resumes I was inspired to put together a blog post of resume tips based on the most common pieces of advice I have been giving out. Hope you all find it useful!!!


Hey! Thanks a lot for making this post :)

I'm new to this community and totally loved it how devs here are helping each other out by giving such detailed reviews in comments. Kudos to all of you!!!

Here's the link to my resume. Would really appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions for the changes that need to be done.

Update: New edited resume after making all the suggested changes.


Welcome to Dev!

  • remove background color from body - should be black on white and make sure your green headers are b&w printer friendly and readable. Margins are also really small, so it may cut off also.

  • I'd like to see more elaboration under projects or experience rather than community involvement. Currently that's the bulk of your resume, which I don't think is your intention. Is still a very good thing and definitely deserves to be mentioned - not just in such depth.

  • again, more elaboration on your projects. what tech did you use for each, did you work with others? overcome and challenges? etc.


Thanks a lot for your inputs, @kaydacode ! :D

I've tried to make all the changes that you suggested and have updated the link as well.


here is my Resume . It's kind of fresher's CV as I'm still searching new job and my work experience timeline is not much. So that, I had to put my project details.

I value any feedback :)



  • you have a lot of contact info up top - I would only use 1 or 2 most important links. Like if your website links to the others, only use your website. Also make a little larger, looks tiny compared to your body text.

  • remove " from about

  • I like the layout

  • would recommend references be a separate page available on request, also try to get a couple more. Teachers, employers, coworkers etc.

  • Would like to see one page. See if you can reconfigure some things, remove projects that don't pertain to what you want to do, or only list the most relevant ones. OR move projects to a separate page so it's all in one place.


Thanks for suggesting. I will modify :)


Here's mine. I could definitely use some help with it. I'll have recruiters reach out to me, but I never seem to get past an initial conversation.


This looks pretty good! If you have recruiters reaching out to you that probably means you are doing something right!

My one piece of advice would be that you have a couple of details under "Ameripride Linen & Apparel Services" that seem less relevant to finding a dev job.
• "Support the service department by tracking and reporting Customer Service..."
• "Coordinated with Apparel Center to enter new garment orders in a timely manner..."
Maybe remove those so the dev points stand out more.

Another piece of advice I have is that if a recruiter doesn't move forward with you ask why. Tell them you would love feedback so you know what to work on in the future. Couldn't hurt to ask!

Hope that helps :)


Thank you.

I think they reach out to me because I have Java on my resume, but end up ghosting or dropping communication with me because I don't have enough relevant or recent experience.

As for those two points, those were a major part of my job. It wasn't a dev role, and neither is my current one, really.


Great idea but Can I post my portfolio?
BTW Here's my portfolio


I don’t think anyone will mind. 😄

I’m looking at your portfolio on mobile. The look is clean, I’d say my biggest concern is that there is a lot of stuff there. I felt like I was scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.

It may be possible to consolidate some of the info and/or shrink some graphic and text to make the whole thing a bit more skimmable.


Why on earth have you spoken at TEDx and I can't find a single link to the talk on your website :P ?

I would have it at font 72 with yellow background and tags around it.


It looks great! The only thing I would change is the blur effect on hover in your work examples.


Love the "FBI-SURVEILLANCE" WiFi network on the Linux Desktop Demo :D.


I'm a bit new to the industry and I'm using the generated linkedin resume for now :/ but I want to hear some tips of how to make it better, any feedback is greatly appreciated!


I didnt know Linkedin had that feature, neat!

You are definitely going to want to put some details under your Experience section. What did you do as an intern? What languages did you use? As a self employed web developer what have you been working on? Do you have any projects? When I first started I worked on my own project for 3 months which is basically how I learned to code. Then when I interviewed I talked a lot about that project and even gave demos on how it worked. It worked out awesome.

For your boot camp put some details about things you worked on, projects you did, languages that you learned etc. All these extra details will really help people get an idea about what you know and if you are a good fit for the job.

Hope that helps!!! :D


I just found out about it too, I do plan to add more to what I did as an intern and I want to create some projects that I will be proud to show off, as for my self-employed part the projects I worked on are not online anymore but it's no biggie, thanks for the tips!


Hello guys, just joined this community and this kind of posts make me feel very happy.

I would like to attach my CV if someone could give me some feedback on it: drive.google.com/uc?id=1jcYufxb6P9...

Thank you!


Welcome to Dev!

Résumée -> Resumé -- And I would leave this off. Chances are no one is going to read it - people want to see what skills and experience you have easily so they can make a quick decision to move forward to go to the next resume. Doesn't mean you can't also include a cover letter when you apply which will closely match the job posting to your skills and makes it personal.
If anything use a career objective - 1 or 2 sentences.

  • make your contact info bigger.
  • talk more on your education, impressive projects you've done, group projects etc.
  • make sure anything listed in skills you're comfortable with - it's fair game to be interviewed on.
  • move experience above skills as you have relevant experience.. maybe before education too.
  • Add blogging to your skills and remove personal blog section - just include the url up top with your contact info. It is impressive - so definitely mention it, but shouldn't be a focus.
  • see if you can fit into one page.
  • min font size 12pt

Thank you very much for the review and response Kim, very kind of you!

Apologies for the late answer!