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Early Adopter's guide to Umbraco v14 - Upgrading a preview release

preview005 of Umbraco v14 is out ! and as we are mid Ealry Adopter's guide, I thought i would see what an 'upgrade' might look like. spoiler, "fairly simple".


So because we both have backoffice c# code and our own frontend lit/typescript code, we have to upgrade both bits.

Upgrade the site / apps.

the nice and hopefully painless upgrade of the .nuget package from preview-004 to preview-005 can be done in a number of ways.

because i am lazy i did it in visual studio, but the dotnet command would work just as well.

dotnet add package Umbraco.Cms --version 14.0.0--preview005
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Upgrade the npm package.

As we are using the NPM packages in our own client library, we need to also update these references.

because we are in preview, i think npm update isn't really working, so i uninstalled and reinstalled the package.

npm uninstall @umbraco-cms/backoffice
npm install --force --registry -D @umbraco-cms/backoffice@14.0.0--preview005
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Changes to our example code

(i am going to go back and put these changes into the posts, to keep them preview relavent)

So changes from all the code used in the Early adoper's guide posts are mainly name changes.

Upgrade Commit is here

Some aliases have changed names:

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Troubleshooting an upgrade.

The thing i just did, is upgrade 'everything' but somehow not actually upgrade the site properly, what you then get is a situation where your package will compile down fine (because it is using the current library, but when you put it onto a site, it fails because the site is using the 'old' library.

when this happens, none of your package bits appear to work at all. and the browser gives you a little error

missing token

which ammounts to that token doesn't exist.

Its probibly worth notining this one, because it's actually a 'your package was made with a diffrent version of the umbraco libraries than the site is running' error.

Working Samples ?

Everything appears to still work.

I know there are some minor recommended changes to how the AUTH token can be consumed, and workspace context's for Content Apps, so i am going to go and ammend those posts. but for a straight upgrade it still works 🤞.

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