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I want to learn React

What is your learning experience with React? Can you share it with me? I seriously want to expand my web development skill.

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Tawhid • Edited

mhm.I do recommmend to learn React, It is great and flexible but bear in mind that to make react search engine compaitable and so on you need next.js.React's documentation is also poor so look for other blogs or books or if you really want to then youtube

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Yeah, I am still training my JavaScript skills. Thanks anywayπŸ‘

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JoelBonetR πŸ₯‡

I would say that freeCodeCamp is a good resource for that, as you can learn basic HTML and CSS skills before jumping into JavaScript and then into React.

If you plan to follow freecodecamp courses I can take a look and tell you a reasonable learning order.

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It was great, I started React in 2021 and I have made 15+ projects on MERN that includes React.
I feel react is great library to start with web development and for making projects.

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my advice for you is start with html5 then learn Css3 then bootstrap 5 then learning your javascript and finally try react...

Learn typescript after all this!

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Steven Mcleod

I am watching with interest as I am learning so much at the moment too.