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Why blogging makes you a better developer - learnings after one year

kethmars profile image kethmars ・2 min read

It was one year ago when I started sketching the ideas for my first blog article. The reason? I had failed my biggest freelance project yet. Knowing that there were things I could've done differently, there was a need to share that knowledge and learnings. That's how my first blog article came to be.

(you can check it out in - Freelancing big projects - 9 key takeaways from my failure that you can learn from

Btw, don't be afraid

Before publishing my first article, I was super scared. Questions like "Do others need to hear about it?" or "What if they start mocking me?" etc went through my head.

Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I've made as a developer. So don't be afraid. The community's really friendly!

All the reasons with more detailed explanations and examples can be found in my YT channel called DeveloperHabits.

Reasons, why you should start blogging as a developer

  • You get to reflect on your experiences and learn from them
  • A notebook on what you've done, why you've done it - that's what a blog is
  • Teaching is the best way to learn technical topics
  • It ignites discussion all parties can learn from
  • Meet new people and learn from them
  • Advances your career as you make yourself visible
  • Improves your communication and writing skills
  • You get to help others

Oh and...! If you are interested in coding, growth mindset and are willing to share your experiences, ideas, then please do PM me on Twitter :)!

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lincarters profile image
Lin Carters

Being hesitant to write for the community and world myself, for the reasons you stated and then some, this post resonated with me. Thank you - it could turn out to be the push I need .

As a slight side, I am intrigued by your DeveloperHabits and will look further into what you have to offer.

kethmars profile image
kethmars Author

Thank you Lin! As always, doing something for the first time is hard and scary. Do let me know when you produce something!

I hope I won't let you down regarding quality content in DeveloperHabits :)!

lincarters profile image
Lin Carters

It is indeed! From my own view it's a self-deprecating view of "why bother", but I quite enjoy the process; just need that wall breaking down. Without a doubt, when I do, I will (cross)post here on DEV - thanks for the support.

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Blogging is so much fun and I think as programmers we always have a lot of ideas but we don't usually share them all. This platform is a great way to build a network and learn a lot of new things along the way.

killianfrappartdev profile image
Killian Frappart

I recently started posting here, I did hesitate for a while before I finally give it a go.

All those well-written and fascinating posts inspired me, and I am pretty sure it will make a better developer of me to share with you all! πŸ˜‡