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How to stand out as a dev? Advice from a recruiter with over 350 devs hired

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Hey people!

I'm super excited because I can show you today's interview in Developer Habits! We are talking to Olga Shatokha, a recruiter who gave me a chance to become a professional developer when I joined Pipedrive.

Olga's an experienced talent hunter who's worked in big companies like Pipedrive, Printify and now also owns her own recruiting agency.
We talk about Olga's experiences and life as a recruiter but also more developer-oriented topics like how to stand out as a developer, how to improve your portfolio, what kind of questions you should be prepared for during an interview and well...what makes a great developer.

I genuinely believe it's one of my best and most genuine interviews as it contains information helpful for all levels of developers!

Olga's recruitment agency called Bee's Knees:​

00:00​ - Intro
01:00​ - Beginning of the interview
01:25​ - Olga's background
05:00​ - Moving from Ukraine to Estonia and to Pipedrive
06:15​ - How to hire when culture's important?
12:30​ - Differences between interviewing a junior and a senior
15:00​ - How to stand out as a developer?
17:05​ - The importance of side projects
19:00​ - Tips for creating a good CV
21:15​ - The (non)importance of education when applying for a job
23:45​ - How to prepare for an interview?
29:50​ - The RED FLAGS during an interview
35:25​ - Why ask uncomfortable / not that obvious questions?
40:30​ - Olga's career after Pipedrive
44:44​ - Scaling companies - Pipedrive and Printify
48:03​ - Olga's own agency called Bee's Knees
51:00​ - What's the one habit that has made you a better recruiter?

And a shameless promo - if you are interested in coding, growth mindset and are willing to share your experiences, ideas, then please do PM me on Twitter :)!

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