Freelancing big projects - 9 key takeaways from my failure that you can learn from

kethmars on September 05, 2019

I love creating. Whether it’s a nicely cooked dinner for friends or a design for my next “I’m gonna change the world” project. Fortunately, I've be... [Read Full]
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I think it's amazing that you've not gotten any feedback on this article yet -- wow, you've come up with both great advice while being incredibly honest and brave to talk about a setback. I think most of us have been burned by projects that we realise are poorly scoped. If you've not heard of them already, I recommend joining the email lists of folks like Paul Jarvis pjrvs.com/ and Johnathan Stark jonathanstark.com/archive

They give great advice and food for thought in their podcasts, great for freelancers


Thank you for your kind words! I will definitely check out your recommendations!

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