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re: I have the hardest time making either text or images, umm .... link to either the same page or other pages within the same website... it just confu...

Hey Christine!
Can you please tell me a bit more? Are you already trying to build something? If yes, then which technologies are you talking about :)?
Atm, I assume you are learning HTML?


hi kethmars!
I have decided to chill out haha! and just accept sublime text 3 for what it is my instructor for the bootcamp said it didn't matter which editor i used but i want to stretch myself so i am going to use both JS bin and Sublime text 3 so i can get used to it without fiddling with all the different programs on it ... that seems to be where i get frustrated.

Hey Christine :)!
Yeah, I agree. In the end it does not matter which editor you use. I personally use VS Code, but Sublime's also fantastic.

In case you have some specific questions or need help, feel free to write to me in Twitter :) !


yes, Kethmars,
thank you for replying... I have a hard time when i am trying to make an image or word that you can hover over, be a link to somewhere else either on the same page or on another page... i get them confused... and yes it is HTML that i am learning...
Thank you for answering my questions!


at the moment i am struggling with sublime text 3 for a bootcamp i absolutely despise it... i can't seem to be able to get any themes or colors that are close to satisfactory even wit the programs installedd i don't know how to unleash the programs to search for stuff

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