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Building an app for electric bikes as a solo developer- how a calculated risk can pay off

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Developing products in teams is hard. But what if you have to build a full product yourself?

In my latest adventure, I got to interview Pavel from an Estonian startup called Ampler Bikes. Pavel is a full-stack developer (specializing on mobile apps) who was given a chance to build an app for electric bikes(whaaat? how awesome is that???).

What makes the project special(besides the purpose of the app) is that Pavel was the only developer, thus it was he who had to choose the tech stack, make architectural decisions, etc.

The interview covers topics like:

  • giving estimations(and failing to give them)
  • choosing tech stack
  • making architectural decisions
  • taking calculated risks
  • being one of the first ones to use SwiftUI in production
  • keeping the quality of the code as a solo-developer

This content is available on my Youtube channel called developerHabits.

The timeline of the video:

00:00 - Intro

1:10 - Pavel's background and how he joined Ampler

4:45 - What made joining Ampler special - turning the test work into a challenge by implementing SwiftUI

10:15 - Why should an electric bike have a mobile app (and features of the app)?

14:00 - About planning, soft deadlines and keeping the project focus

17:00 - Giving estimations as a solo-developer

21:50 - Choosing technologies and exploring new tech as a solo-developer

27:40 - About the importance of transparency when facing delays

29:40 - Keeping quality in the project as a solo-developer

32:18 - How were the architectural decisions made?

38:45 - Contributing back to the community by exploring the unknown

40:20 - What are the things to consider when you want to become a solo-developer in a project?

43:50 - What are the habits that make you a better developer?

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