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Temporary mail address forwards incoming mails to you

kesara profile image Kesara Wimal ・2 min read

There are dozens of services or apps that require a more or less extensive registration to be used — whether it makes sense or not. So it happens quickly that your own email address is entered in dozens of databases and, depending on the terms of use, is also often used for advertising purposes. If you want to prevent this or use services a little more anonymously, you can fall back on temporary mail addresses. Such services have been around for years and they all actually work on the same principle: generate mail, confirm registration, deactivate mail. The latter usually happens automatically after a time that varies depending on the service. The service altmails belongs to the category of such mail service providers, but without time restrictions and with a response option.

On the website, you can create any number of randomly generated mail addresses. In contrast to the alternatives mentioned, this one is linked to your correct email address. This has the advantage that incoming emails are automatically forwarded to your inbox. In this way it is also possible to answer e-mails: For this purpose, a further random address is generated for each forwarded e-mail, which is then used when answering and is only valid once. If you no longer need a generated email address or if emails are forwarded, you will find a link in every forwarded email, which you can use to unlink the link with your real email address — then all emails wander in digital nirvana.

altmails takes a slightly different route than the usual temp mail providers. It is emphasized that your data will not be passed on. Incoming and forwarded emails are not saved on the server, which means that deleted emails cannot be restored. At the moment the service is completely free of charge, one or the other paid premium feature is planned for the future, which will then also finance the service. Always important to know if you are to trust a free service. I find it very interesting for some application purposes and if you prefer to use classic disposable mail, you can use TempMail as an alternative service.

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