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antispam temporary email forward (alias) service

kesara profile image Kesara Wimal ・1 min read

altmails allows you to create temporary email addresses that automatically forward all emails to your personal email account. When you're done with your temporary alias, simply deactivate it and all emails sent to that alias will be blocked.

protect your privacy with @altmails email alias

You can protect your primary mail address from unknown and untrustworthy providers. When you give your primary mail address to all of these services and providers, you may get a lot of spam, and it is not always easy to track down where the spam comes from or how you can stop it. So, you do not want to give them your real email address, but you need an email address to sign up! In these situations, you can use a temporary mail address. Temporary emails will also make you anonymous for any of these websites you're signing up, which can serve as extra protection.

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