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Backend cheatsheet suggestions (Upcoming)

To the community,

The title appears to be quite broad, and that is intentional! I was at my desk working away and brainstorming ideas expanding my own, as well as the community's knowledge development, when I thought about the idea of a cheatsheet, something I believe we are quite familiar with from school.

To create these, I would like to ask the awesome community for help! To anyone who sees this post, in particular to my fellow backend developers (love my frontend pals as well), I need a favour from you! Please leave in the comments on some of your answers to the questions below, they'll seriously aid me in helping to create something useful for the community~

  1. What are some struggles you face in your daily lives as programmers?

  2. What are some things that you find yourself constantly having to search/Google up, that you wish you had a quick and reliable reference for?

  3. Aside from a cheatsheet, what other mediums/bits of information do you feel will help yourself, or a programmer of a similar/junior level to you?

I appreciate all the feedback from the community, whether you're a frontend/backend developer! If you have any insights/inputs at all, please drop a comment and let's get this conversation going!

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