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I've always loved podcasting. I started Angular Air, JavaScript Air, React30, and 3 Minutes With Kent. I'm not really active with any of these anymore, and I've missed having interesting conversations with interesting people.

That's why I've started the Chats with Kent C. Dodds podcast. It's an awesome place where I talk with interesting people about interesting topics and you leave with key takeaways that you can apply to help you improve your life, career, and development skills.

In a true Netflix-style release, I've published the entire 1st season of 14 episodes today! Go binge to your heart's content!

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Kent C. Dodds


My name is Kent C. Dodds and I'm a JavaScript engineer and teacher. I'm also active in the open source community. I like my family, JavaScript, and React.


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Alright I'm EXTREMELY excited for this, the lineup looks amazing


Echoing the comments that say it looks great.

I'll also add that I miss the JavaScript Air panel discussions! One of the better technical podcasts that's been made.


I loved that podcast. Maybe I'll start it up again one day.


Immediately subscribed and completed E1. Discontinued my blogging since a month, @aspittel and you both boosted up. Thank!


Hope this lands in Apple Podcasts soon! I am anxious to listen so I check every day 😁


While you wait, you can add the feed manually to listen today!

On the Library tab in the iOS podcasts app, tap β€˜Edit’ and then β€˜Add a podcast by URL’. In the alert box paste the feed URL: feeds.simplecast.com/X_wS_WYh

You should now be subscribed. πŸ™‚


Coming in the next few hours I think!


Awesome! Can’t wait to dive in and listen!


I will definitely give this a listen!


Super excited about this! Thank you!