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Rob Kendal {{☕}}
Rob Kendal {{☕}}

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Why I created a 50 page ebook and gave it away for FREE!

Yesterday, I launched From Aspire to Hired, a 50+ page ebook to help aspiring or junior devs get into code and land their first job.

My book pulls together a lot of knowledge and experience from a frontend development career spanning 15 years.

And I gave it away, for FREE! £0, nada, zip, ziltch.

But why?

I've seen books like this averaging around £30-£45, authors of which can be seen posting revenues of £1000's, so why miss out on that?

Simple: because I don't need the money; people need the knowledge.

And, given the current situation in 2020, more people than ever are looking for work, and struggling financially. So you know what, why not help them without asking for anything in return?!

How From Aspire to Hired came about

I'm a coding mentor and I help my students to overcome some of the barriers they face on their self-learning journeys, right from learning to code, through to landing their first frontend job.

Learning to code can be a daunting and frustrating process that can leave many newcomers feeling overwhelmed and alienated, despite how welcoming the tech community is, (especially on platforms such as Twitter).

I wanted to help those people who might feel like they can't do it, can't make it as a developer, don't have a CS degree.

This is especially true when it comes to looking for jobs. You'll face rejection, criticism, and a growing list of role requirements that can knock your confidence.

I wrote this book to help with that. I wrote it to tap into my knowledge and experience as a developer in the tech industry and give out as much helpful advice and practical guidance as I could.

How does the book help

I've been through my fair share of interviews. I've been a candidate. I've been a hiring manager. I've seen both sides of the coin and I want to give out some personal approaches and insider knowledge that I have to those looking for a developer job.

The book covers a range of topics starting with 'what to learn as a frontend developer', before covering other important areas such as:

  • Getting hired in the tech industry
  • Job hunting
  • Tailoring your CV
  • Creative approaches to job applications
  • Surviving a remote position
  • ...and beyond

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Grab your own copy today

This isn't a limited time deal or some special sale I'm running. You can grab your very own copy of From Aspire to Hired right now for the price of absolutely nothing.

It's available on Gumroad so go download a copy and let me know what you think.

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Agathe Badia

Thanks! I already love the table of contents, can't wait to start reading it :D

kendalmintcode profile image
Rob Kendal {{☕}}

Thanks Agathe, hope you find it useful!

anasidrissi profile image

Much appreciated i'll download your ebook its fits my profile as an intermesiat developer
Thanks alot