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Rob Kendal {{☕}}

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The Front End: S3-E1 - Brian Rinaldi & Raymond Camden


In this very first episode of the brand new season 3, we talk to Brian Rinaldi, a dev advocate from StepZen, and his partner in crime, Raymond Camden, a lead developer evangelist for HERE.

Listen to the brand new episode here:

In this episode

This Jamstack-loving pair have co-authored a book called The Jamstack Book, which is published by Manning and dives deep into the Jamstack and helps you build up a portfolio of Jamstack-architectured sites including a full-blown e-commerce store.

Now, as a very special reward for you lovely listeners of the show, Manning have been kind enough to offer some free copies of the book and some permanent discount codes so you can snap up a copy for yourself and learn all about the Jamstack.

Grabbing your copy of The Jamstack Book (with discounts)

Pop along to this link to grab your own copy of the book,

The Jamstack Book

and use the code podfrontend21 to get a MASSIVE 35% off!

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