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The Front End: S2-E8 - Mark Baldino

Hark, the new episode alarm soundeth! πŸ™‚

For episode 8 we're joined by Mark Baldino.

Mark runs Fuzzy Math, a user experience design agency and shares his founder's journey and how good UX can improve your business.

Listen to the brand new episode here:

In this episode

Mark is the co-founder of Fuzzy Math, a UX design and strategy consultancy based in Chicago with clients worldwide.

He and his team educate organisations on the importance of UX skills through tailored training and workshops.

Over the past nine years as co-founder, Mark has built Fuzzy Math into a 15 person firm focused on UX design, strategy, and innovation in Chicago. Mark has 18 years experience implementing a user-centered design approach to solve difficult problems.

He kindly shares his experiences with UX, how it can improve your business and how devs can get involved in the UX design process.

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