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Rob Kendal {{☕}}
Rob Kendal {{☕}}

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The Front End Podcast - Episode #4

Da da da daaa, introducing Episode 4 of The Front End. It's all processed and edited and ready for your listening pleasure via the following channels:

About episode 4

Episode four features not one but two guests, Arjun Gillard and Simran Hundal, both very experienced recruiters with the firm, Understanding Recruitment.

On the show they're going to cover a range of 'getting hired' topics including: how to get hired as a developer; how to help recruiters to help you; why you should use a recruiter; how can employers engage with and attract the best software engineers; and the age old question of 'do you need a software development degree?'. All this and more in episode four.

Listening direct

Want to listen directly from here?

Want to be a guest or sponsor the show?

I'm definitely looking for guests to talk about a range of different development topics from careers to origin stories, learning and professional growth, frameworks and more.

Similarly, we're looking for sponsors to fill promotional slots within the show.

You can find out more here:

Thanks for listening!

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