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Huh, Record<T> is a pretty handy trick. Definitely nicer than the bare syntax. And yeah, in cases where it gets too complicated I definitely do declare little types, but it seems like a lot of overhead to have to declare a local type for every function that uses Maps or Sets of objects like that... I'll have to think about that one.

Regarding passing around classes and subclasses, in your example, modelClass: Model is still and instance of some class extending Model, rather than a class itself. I need to reference the classes themselves to get at static methods and properties. Here's a playground example (in a broken state) showing what I mean.

Thanks for the responses!


Ahh, I see what you mean. My bad. You can do this


class Model {
    // Some awesome code

function handleRelations(modelClass: typeof Model) {
    return modelClass;

Does that handle your use case?

Oh man yes it does, that's exactly what I was looking for! I didn't realize that was a thing! Thanks!

Or even better using generics:

function handleRelations<T extends Model>(modelClass: T) {
    return modelClass;

Generics for sure, but it still needs to be typeof Model as he doesnโ€™t want an instance of the class.

I missed that. In that case, he shouldn't use a class here, rather:

export type Model = {...}

// Or

export interface Model {...}

I rarely use classes aside from React components (pre-hooks) as I prefer functions even though I'm not a full FP kind of person, but they are still used by many. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For sure, a type is an option. It just depends on what he wants to do in that function. If an interface or type is used and he wanted to create an instance of the Model class, using an interface or type would not work. If he wanted to use it for duck typing in his function, then an interface or type would suffice.

interface SomeModelInterface {
    someMethod: () => boolean;

class Model implements SomeModelInterface {
    someMethod() {
        return true;

function handleRelations(modelClass: typeof Model) {
    const instance = new modelClass();
    const value = instance.someMethod(); // true;

function handleRelations2(modelClass: SomeModelInterface) {
    const instance = new modelClass(); // errors
    const value = modelClass.someMethod(); // All good

TypeScript playground snapshot

Here's a sample TypeScript Playground for those interested.

Very interesting. I didn't realise you could combine new with typeof T params.

Yeah Model isn't my class, it's provided by Objection.js, an ORM library I'm using. As mentioned in the post, I need to access static properties of various subclasses of Model, so I need to pass around the classes themselves.

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