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re: Man, those three looked promising, but it turns out none of them are actually using display: grid ☹ All are using interesting combos of display: bl...

I did a little more digging on Github, and I found a few people experimenting with it and doing some interesting stuff, but nothing really public-beta-ready:

Nothing super robust, but some interesting experiments happening.

As I read through these though, all of them seem to be kind of superfluous, and as I read the code I keep thinking that I would just prefer to write the CSS directly, and specifying my grid with class names on my HTML tags just doesn't add that much value. Idk, it will be interesting to see what emerges in the next couple years.

I was fooled!! Didn’t have time to check before sleep—sorry!

@kenbellows it seems like all three of these are using essentially the same class structure as most float-based grids - what's the point?

I mean, how something is implemented isn't all that interesting - not when it requires the same amount of CSS overall, but just has worse cross-browser support. 🤷‍♂️

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