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What are your programming goals for 2019?

I asked this question on Twitter but figure this is a good place to continue the conversation. What are your programming goals for 2019? I personally want to become proficient in GraphQL. I've dabbled enough to be intrigued, and now I want to know everything. Your turn!

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Marissa B • Edited

I'd like to stick to more of my personal projects long-term and see at least one through to completion... or to the point that it's a useful thing when I stop fiddling with it, at least.

The GitHub Graveyards series that went around earlier this year was inspiring and made me look at my own bits and pieces of things that I had laying around. In 2018 I gained a lot of experience with planning and being involved in design at work, so I'm looking forward to putting those skills to use for personal projects.

Already I've learned that it's a lot easier to make forward progress when you plan out what features, tasks, etc you need to do instead of opening Visual Studio straight away and thinking "Hm... now what was I supposed to be doing?"

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Julia Torrej贸n
  • Learn HTML, CSS & Javascript (By doing the #Freecodecamp challenge to create new projects).
  • Learn Python (By doing a #Codewars challenge on a regular basis to improve my programming logic skills).
  • Create a Portfolio (Probably I will do it using Codepen as it seems to be a good training tool for beginners).
  • Contribute to Open Source projects (I love helping people but this year I have been focused on other things. Next year I will try a challenge like #100DaysofOpenSource).
  • Improve my knowledge about Computer Science to have a better understanding of how computers work.

I have started doing some of these things already, but I feel determined to deepen my knowledge on at least half of them.

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Corey McCarty

I highly recommend for learning Python.

Good Luck!

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Hey bro. Nice goals I'm Beginner also I wish
you all the best

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Nice! May I ask what does contributing to Open Source projects mean? I'm a beginner so I have no idea. Thanks!

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Matteo Nunziati

This is a nice one! Contribute means a ton of things but for a coder contribution means create pull requests and get them accepted. Once I had such an opportunity and it was amazing!

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Ardalan • Edited

its to much for 2019

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Natalia Tepluhina

Contribute more to Vue.js core and ecosystem. Ideally join the Vue.js core team (I know I am too ambitious 馃槄)

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Alexis Rico

That's not too ambitious at all, just make yourself a way into it!

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seams like you made it :D

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Raunak Ramakrishnan

My goal is to learn Haskell and Rust. Also, to write more about what I learn. I started writing about programming this year on and have learned a lot since.

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That's a pretty solid goal, two great (but at the same time very hard to learn) languages for one year...good luck!

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Raunak Ramakrishnan

I think the hard part in Rust is dealing with the borrow checker and the ownership concept. Other than that, it is similar to higher-level languages like Java/C#.

Haskell is a different can of worms altogether. There is a lot of "vocabulary" to learn and some existing concepts to unlearn. I have got a year to figure it out :)

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Mihail Malo • Edited

Make sure you are using beta or better(pun intended) Rust (not stable), Non-Lexical Lifetimes make the borrow checker much more forgiving. And I mean much more reasonable, not loose in any sense.
I've had an incomparably better experience with it whenever closures and loops enter the picture.

I can't wait until syntax-level await drops. Such an amazing language.

And there are well-progressing RFCs to make it even more algebraic, so it will have even more Haskell affordances.

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My main goal is to increase my proficiency with automated testing. I try to make sure any new unadulterated code is tested properly, but my work has a lot of code that is nigh impossible to test (for instance a ~2000 line function in PHP, yes 2000) so the opportunities for testing are slim. Regardless it is something to improve. Besides that I would like to get better at Go.

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Jaime Trejo

I know this might be a little too broad, but I want to learn more about full stack development and apply some knowledge to web dev. I would also like to see how I can contribute to open source projects and make time for my own projects.

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Ben Halpern

Fewer fires. More casual code time. Please!

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Renato Dinhani

Learn Elixir or something else that is more adequate for distributed systems or microservices.

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Gustavo Preciado

For microservices and distributed system I think is better to start with the basics of the architecture and design patterns than with a specific language. I can recommend you two books that I am currently reading:

But it's also more fun in building something in a new language and learn in the process.

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TK • Edited

Keep learning and applying functional programming concepts, do a complete data science project, and do more open source.

These are that come to my mind right now! :)

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Angie Jones

I need to totally redo my 10 year old game web app with a modern tech stack. So I'll be learning a lot. Right now it's vanilla js, PHP, and MySQL. Not even really sure what the new stack will be. The choices are overwhelming.

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Marissa B

That sounds like a really cool project to take on. A decade is a long period to see changes in technology.

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Angie Jones

tell me about it, lol! I'm kind of dreading it tbh. As a decade is also a long time to accumulate features as well. sigh

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Angie Jones

tell me about it, lol! I'm kind of dreading it tbh. As a decade is also a long time to accumulate features as well.

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Md Nabil Ahsan

Soooooo... My exams end on Dec 11. After that, I am going head-first into javascript. I got the Brad Traversy Modern Js course and I have an accountability partner who is going through the You Don't Know Js book. We will be updating each other from time to time and I am thinking of tracking the entire thing on Trello.

My next semester is super lightweight with the exception of a math class called Graph Theory as part of my minor. I plan on building some basic React applications by the end of May, which is also when I graduate!

I also want to test the waters with Gatsby.

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Md Nabil Ahsan

Change of plans. Really tough semester. Might take longer to graduate. I am now a UX Designer. So that is quite fun LOL.

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Er, any chance you could help me a little from your spect? I'm a beginner from Kenya
thanks && Good Luck

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Rohit Awate

I'm hoping to ship my first application, Everest, next year. Lots to learn and implement: the OAuth siblings, named requests, projects, etc. I'll also be offering a sync service called Summit (written in Go) which I'm gonna start working on soon.

It's gonna be fun! 馃挴

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Ali Spittel

I've talked a little more in-depth about this elsewhere, but I'm honestly not the biggest goals person careerwise. Everything has changed for me so fast that if I had set goals a year ago they would be so different from where I ended up!

That being said, I want to get better at regex I think, and write a lot. I also wrote a bucket-list for things I want to do before turning 25, and some are code-adjacent related!

  • Build something to help build diversity in tech
  • Get to 100 posts on my blog
  • Create a course
  • Write about algorithms
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Sanket • Edited
  • Be good with basic concepts of DS, Algo, practice competitive programming.
  • Complete my Udacity nanodegree.(I might finish this before 2019 though)
  • Learn JavaScript- create a game.
  • Learn kotlin- create and deploy an app.
  • Learn flutter.
  • Learn math for CS.
  • Begin with all my planned open-source projects, and obviously contribute more to open source.

Whoa, thanks a lot for giving this simple opportunity to type these down. Of all the things I keep noting down, somehow I missed my goals. I feel so determined now. Taking a screenshot!馃榿

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Bartosz Gordon

My main goals are to:

  • learn some new technologies - GraphQL, Angular, Rust/Go
  • write down every new stuff I learnt (I found it extremely helpful during last month)
  • become more efficient with TypeScript and Observables
  • learn some math/algorithms/data structures concepts and build fun stuff using it
  • deepen my knowledge of tools I use on the daily basis
  • and most importantly, finish projects :)

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