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Hi everyone!

My name is Keith. I'm a 26 year old MSc Economics student in Scotland but I'm from the US (fun-fact: I'm a dual national - Belize, Central America).

I joined because I've always been interested in tech, hardware and software and briefly studied computer science but didn't think I had it in me to finish the course so I switched. Life took me a different route and although I am passionate about Economics, and how it can help people, I'm working for a tech company, as a salesperson while I study and I'd love to move into product development/strategy in tech in the public or private sector.

I recently read a story of a former classmate of mine who quit everything to study coding. A couple months later and after following a bootcamp she landed her first job as a developer!!

Sufficed to say, this has inspired me to look into this again. Admittedly I still have to finish my studies but in about a month I'll be trying to learn and would appreciate ANY tips the community can provide in this respect.


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