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Netflix Clone using ReactJS, Python (Flask), and TMDB API

Srinandan Komanduri
Love to build a Dev Community!
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Well, one day I was recommended by YouTube a video named "Build Netflix Clone in React" and I was like.... that's a cool idea. And that is how I spent four days non-stop building a Netflix clone. And here is the demo :


  • I built the front-end in ReactJS and hosted it on firebase.

  • For the back-end, I used Python with Flask since I needed some web-scraping work to be done.

  • As for getting the info about movies, I used TMDB API along with JustWatch for getting the sources where we can stream movies/shows/anime, as shown below for the anime Jujutsu Kaisen:


If you are interested in the code, you can get the repo here, if any of you are interested to know how I built it, then I'll definitely write a tutorial on it!

Discussion (2)

abhijeet9920 profile image
Abhijeet Umbarkar

Just add the play button and you're done. Thanks for saving our money. Good work.

keidakira profile image
Srinandan Komanduri Author

I wish I could 😂