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Discussion on: What are your coffee habits?

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Keeley Hammond 🌻

I get pretty jittery if I drink coffee, but recently switched to breakfast tea with some cream and sugar, and I absolutely love it. A good black tea gives me the caffeine kick I need without the jitters, and the taste/ritual of making it is very soothing.

Now my morning routine is basically: Make a small pot of tea, check emails and PRs, read new Slack messages, post status for standup and then settle into work for the day.

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ο½…ο½Žο½„ο½ο½Ž Author • Edited on

Wow, that's crazy! Then I guess you are active on doing open source, correct? How can you balance work and open source? Maybe this is another question worth for a post. 😁

And what particular brand of black tea do you recommend? I'm going to look for black tea leaves today in the supermarket!