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Reese’s peanut butter cup-fueled coding monster who dwells in the web. Also devours books, video games, anime, and manga. I write about everything!


BS Information Technology



#helpProgrammatically rewriting slug through functions.php but returns 404 [Wordpress]

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#discussWhat is your favourite function()?

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I always forget to drink water, so I built a Twitter bot to remind me

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#discussWhat is the usual flow in authenticating a Client Application with a Token based REST API?

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#discussShould I prioritize authentication first in my project than its core functionalities?

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#helpNeed recommendations in Mocking database / Testing Cleanup (Unit Testing)

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#helpWhat does "-R min" flag means in my test script in package.json?

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#discussX-posting from your blog to dev.to, thoughts?

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Need recommendations for a good HTML dashboard template

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#discussWhat are your coffee habits?

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What is your learning roadmap when you first started learning Node.js?

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#explainlikeimfiveExplain *aaS and other variants Like I'm Five

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#discussDo we have a chat channel?

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#helpStructuring my Node.js RESTful API using Express

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