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Makers Week 12: The End of the End

Weakly Goal:

Can you use high-quality processes to build an extended project in a team?

This week was the final week of our final project and our final week of the Makers course. The final week was fun if a little stressful but that's to be expected. But we got it done, it looked good and most importantly it worked.

Day 1

So over the weekend, I started on damage types while I was learning about them I found out something useful called structures. Structures are a list of variable that you can add to a blueprint. This was invaluable to me it meant I could add type advantages and weaknesses to each of the enemies. It also allowed me to add types to the attacks too. We also decided to change our project to do a free roam game instead of a turn-based battle game. This wasn’t hard to do because we already had all the things we needed it was just a matter of making some small tweaks.

Day 2

I got started on the damage types on day two because I knew about structures already this was a lot easier than I was expecting. Although it still took some time to set up. I spent the rest of the day trying to solve a bug that popped up the enemies weren't taking any damage. After a while, I thought I'd be better for me to get some rest and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning.

Day 3

So Wednesday I spent the morning fixing the bug the problem was I was casting to the wrong enemy. The reason that was happening was when we split off into different branches we were working on separate enemies. We also started the preparation for our presentation which we had to do Friday we split the presentation into sections I was given the closing section on development tools so a lot of technical talk which gave me a chance to sharpen my knowledge.

Day 4

There was a feature freeze on Wednesday so we stopped adding things and started working on animations. I was doing the spell and attack animations which were a lot of fun. But I also had to make sure to blend animations so that they would look smooth. It was nice to get to throw in some cool looking animations, they tied everything together.

Day 5

The final day we had to three o'clock to get everything done we had to get everything up and running. We had a couple of bugs but we managed to get them working with time to spare so we could practice our presentation. Luckily we got to do our showcase first which gave me a chance to explain our project which gave me a lot more confidence for the presentation and I think it went quite well.


This was a stressful week due purely because it was the final week but we got everything done. We also had a beautiful looking game and I learned a lot. If I were to do it again it'd a lot easier. Even the presentation went well although it was nerve-racking. So overall an amazing week and let job hunt begin!!

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