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Software engineer vs Programmer, which one are you?

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Hi guys, today I want to share my opinions and thoughts with you about a kind of controversial topic: "Software engineer vs Programmer, is there any difference? Is one better than the other?"

It all started with a tweet I found in my timeline:

Alt text of image

This tweet reminded me of the time when I was studying a Software Engineering program, and I can remember clearly what one of my professors told us at the very beginning of the program: "I want you to become Software Engineers, I want you to be able to deliver deliberate and sharp solutions, not just code algorithms and program subroutines".

At that time, I had never thought that there was a difference between being a software engineer and "just a programmer" somehow that idea went so deep in my mind that even nowadays I sincerely think that being a Software (or Solutions) Engineer is the natural evolution of your career as a Software Developer or a Programmer. (No bias or discrimination intended of course)

I want to share some interesting and controversial replies to the original tweet:

Alt text of image

Alt text of image

Alt text of image

Alt text of image

With this last tweet though, I came to realize that it can be also a matter of culturalism, and it led me to immediately think:

"What about people without a CS degree who have amazing skills? Are they not software engineers? Do they really care? Is it really important?"

I consider that your school degree doesn't define nor constrain who you are professionally (or even personally), but your knowledge and skill set and, most importantly, the way you apply these two things altogether to craft and create effective solutions.

And, within this context, if becoming a Software Engineer is the driver to continue learning, developing your career and sharpening your abilities, go for it and use it as a way to challenge yourself.

What do you guys think?

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