Which Use-Cases do You Have?

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I'm in the research phase of my new book "MVPs with AWS" and spoke to a few experts on AWS technology.

I want to create a learning resource for creators of software products, especially in their MVP phase.

I assume that creators want to build MVPs fast and want to scale them up later, regarding features and utilization. Also, creators wish for one code-base mobile/web and one back-end for them.

I think AWS has many services, especially the serverless ones, that solve these problems, but they aren't very accessible at the moment.

My idea was to write a use-case or business-case oriented book, where I solve the technical problems of the most common use-cases.

I already got technical input from experts; people want real-time and offline apps, people want one code-base for android/ios/web, people want one back-end for these apps, etc.

Now I'm searching for use-cases, so it would be cool if you could write a bit about the use-cases you needed to solve and what problems you were facing.

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