I'm K, and I support women devs.

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I don't know too much about this topic, but as a generic nerdy white dude, I feel obligated to post something anyway. At least just to increase the numbers at the end of this event.

A problem with equality in tech I see daily…

Men start to question the skills of women far too quickly. Women get overrun online by haters when they put themselves out there and it is very important to get the name out.

I will advocate for equality by…

Telling dudes to shut up if I think they talk crap and try to motivate women when they think they "can't do it".

My advice for fellow allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is...

If someone reveals their skills or opinions, you should ask yourself if you question them because of who discloses them. Hold back especially if some people already did question the statements because people can feel overwhelmed quickly.

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