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Kim Arnett  Author

Welcome to Dev!

Résumée -> Resumé -- And I would leave this off. Chances are no one is going to read it - people want to see what skills and experience you have easily so they can make a quick decision to move forward to go to the next resume. Doesn't mean you can't also include a cover letter when you apply which will closely match the job posting to your skills and makes it personal.
If anything use a career objective - 1 or 2 sentences.

  • make your contact info bigger.
  • talk more on your education, impressive projects you've done, group projects etc.
  • make sure anything listed in skills you're comfortable with - it's fair game to be interviewed on.
  • move experience above skills as you have relevant experience.. maybe before education too.
  • Add blogging to your skills and remove personal blog section - just include the url up top with your contact info. It is impressive - so definitely mention it, but shouldn't be a focus.
  • see if you can fit into one page.
  • min font size 12pt
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Thank you very much for the review and response Kim, very kind of you!

Apologies for the late answer!