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Discussion on: Resume Review

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Kim Arnett  Author

reminder anything technology wise you include make sure you're ready to be interviewed in it.

I would prefer a more skim-able approach. By that I mean, less wordy, straight to the point especially under your experience. What languages did you use? Why were you an asset to the team? What did YOU accomplish? Do you have any measurements (lowered load time by 3 seconds, for example).

For someone with over 10 years experience I'd love to see more elaboration under your experience.. might as well finish filling out that last half of page :)

Under technical skills, you have an extra / in front of React.

Personal preference to move experience before education.

Overall looks good, I think some minor updates would really be beneficial. Good luck!

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Marcelo Melo

Hello Kim!

I'm so glad to receive your feedback! Now, I'm going to review and consider your advices!

Thank you so much!!