Django Chat Room App

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Can any one help me build a chat room app? Where People will be able to create chat rooms with their desired name and then invite people to chat there. guest and the host of the room should also have the independence of choosing their handles (names). I would prefer python django as I am learning it !! lets see how strong the community is at :P .

Actually I already found a source django channels example which he deployed on heroku ( but god knows why I am having so much trouble with this while deploying locally. Sometimes the messages are not getting stored in the postgresql database resulting in no output in the chat room.


I did play around with django channels but that was 2 years ago -

I'd also work on a simple chat using cherrypy in the past -


Hey , Thanks :) . well having a hard time running chatery. gives a 502 gate way erro when I open


Fixed that :P Now,I'll try to modify these so that the users can make there own chat rooms.Any suggestions?


Channels is good in lot of ways. It's evolved around numerous bug fixes recently and can you tell me clearly what's trouble now?


The database gets updated sometime and some time it doesn't :|


I mean sometimes the chats are getting stored and some times they are not


It would be awesome if someone replied instead of reacting :P

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