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The State of Quality Report 2022 | The Next Stepping Stone of Software Testing

The software testing field is ever-changing to accommodate the demand for high-quality software. At the start of the new year, let’s go through the main findings of The State Of Quality Report 2022 to keep an eye on the latest software testing trends.
The State of Quality Report 2022

Shift-left is the Current Testing Trend.

In our report, the most cited struggles of delivering high-quality software are frequent requirement changes (46%) and lack of time (39%). Insufficient time and regular requirements changes are significant setbacks for testers, leaving them no bandwidth to practice more in-depth testing. To mitigate this roadblock, teams have been shifting-left - monitor and test earlier in production. Despite being a powerful tool to support this practice, only 51% of our respondents said they had implemented automation in testing.

Test Automation is Worth the Investment.

A whopping 63% of respondents reported that they had experienced 20% or more cost/time-saving by adopting automation. The inconvenience in the set-up phase is worth it in the long run if teams are willing to commit. The effectiveness in time/cost saving of automation might be why the popularity of open-source tools, such as Selenium, has declined 50% in 3 years. On the other hand, frameworks such as KS and Perfecto, which require minimal building and maintenance effort, are on the rise.

AI Testing is the Next Big Thing in Automation.

AI adoption is still low among QA teams. Less than 50% of our respondents had used AI in their testing process. At the moment, its maturity is only sufficient for simple script generation and screen comparison. Most tools are currently not AI-supportive. As a result, implementing AI means introducing a collection of new tools to the system. However, the future of AI testing is fruitful as the technology becomes more comprehensive, according to our interviewees.

Our Recommendation for the QA Community in 2022

Automation has emerged as a vital component in Agile and DevOps. Align with the 59% of respondents; we think it is crucial to improve the adoption of automation in testing. Fully invested and committed automation will eventually lead to better QA processes and practices, which is the common goal in 2022 for 67% of our respondents.

Primary software quality goals

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