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Due to test automation and the proliferation of modern technologies (devices, browsers, and versions), testing teams today create mountains of data from various testing activities.

Forrester reports that 41% of companies struggled to transform data into decisions in 2020. It is true that having access to and utilizing high-quality data will help you make better business decisions, but this does not ensure it.

Top 3 Benefits of TestOps Reporting

Translate every line of code and log into actionable insights and data-informed decisions with these Top 3 Benefits of TestOps Reporting:

Top 3 Benefits of TestOps Reporting

Katalon TestOps | Turn Your Data Into Smart Decisions

As more software engineers adopt cyclical test-driven development techniques, it is important to manage all of the iterations of testing in one tool. To ease your way through the test reporting process, Katalon TestOps is a great place to start.

Integrating with mainstream testing frameworks, TestOps provides a comprehensive view of your testing activities and analyzes your test results into metrics that are tailored to your team.

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