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Katalon Studio 7 is Here!

Katalon Studio 7

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest Katalon Studio 7 (KS7), a transformative renovation of the Katalon automation solution!

KS7 addresses issues arising not only in small teams but also in medium and large businesses, allowing you to elastically scale project scopes, enhance team collaboration, save maintenance cost and effort, and ultimately optimize your product quality.

Download Katalon Studio 7

The New and the Better

KS7 is jam-packed with brand new features capabilities, as well as functional enhancements needed for a comprehensive and enjoyable automation experience:

  • Smart Wait : Resolve problems with the wait feature in Selenium WebDriver

  • Desktop testing : KS7 now supports testing desktop apps in Windows 10

  • Test artifacts sharing : Share test cases, test objects, and keywords among team members

  • Comprehensive data-driven testing : Custom data sources and enhanced capabilities to develop test cases with data-driven practices

  • WebDriver Event Listener : Use this enhanced listener to handle events triggered by WebDriver

See the full release note here.

New Product Sets

Besides these benefits, KS7 also introduces a new set of product combinations. Now teams and projects of any complexity can have flexible allocation on budget, licensing, and scalability:

  • Katalon Studio (KS): free IDE, requires online activation with no limitations on quota

  • Katalon Studio Enterprise (KSE): paid IDE with exclusive features, basic support, all Katalon plugins, and options to activate offline

  • Katalon Runtime Engine (RE): paid engine to execute tests in CI/CD infrastructures or via the command-line interface with options to activate offline. Compatible with KS and KSE


Which Option Works Best for My Team?

You can take advantage of different product combinations to customize the best package for your team’s automation needs:

  • Individual users : Leverage the standard KS to generate and run automated tests for web, API, mobile, and desktop applications.

  • Small teams : Combine KS and RE to leverage Katalon as a cost-competitive solution.

  • Medium and large teams : Combine KSE and RE for projects at scale and to comply with enterprise security policies.

Katalon Studio 7 vs. 6.x

We encourage you to download KS7 to explore the major updates. Please note that all Katalon Studio previous versions are available to download and activate until April 30, 2020 for current users. There will also be no maintenance, support, or bug fixes for these versions.


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