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My AWS Sys Ops Associate study guide

Important: Complete the courses and study material suggested in the AWS Solution Architect first as this has some overlap. After you have completed this, then follow the study guide below.

No Course Time Status Comments
1 Stephane Maarek on Udemy 2 months Completed Highly recommend
2 Labs and Challenge Labs from A Cloud Guru 2 days Completed Highly recommend
3 Tutorial Dojo Practice Exams & Labs 15 days Completed Highly recommend
4 Whizlabs 2 days Completed Labs - Highly recommend
5 Neal Davis Practice Exams 3 days Completed Highly recommend
6 Exam Readiness 2 hours Completed Highly recommend
7 AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Practice (SOA-P02) 2 hours Completed 55-question practice exam with question-level feedback
8 New - Skill Builder Practice Exams 30 mins Completed Reference 1

AWS skillbuilder free practice exams
Reference 1: Search for "Practice Exams" and register to get the code and access to

Anki Flashcards

  • I also made a deck of flashcards using Anki Flashcards especially the areas that I felt weak in during the practice exams and went through the deck twice prior to the exam.
  • From my personal experience, I found that flashcards were more effective than reading notes.

Exam Questionnaire

  • This forms 82% of the overall score and comprises 51 questions.

Note: You are not allowed to go back to the questionnaire once you move on to the labs.

Practice Lab

  • You will receive a practice lab when you book your exam from
  • You may launch and complete the sample exam lab three (3) times over a 90-day period from your first exam lab attempt. You will be allowed 30 minutes for each attempt.

Exam Labs

  • The labs interface is actually a windows desktop, where you get access to a chrome browser and notepad.
  • The exam has three labs. This forms 18% of the overall score.
  • You are not allowed to go back once you complete the lab.
  • You are allowed to open more than one tab in the browser.
  • You are allowed to copy and paste.
  • The instructions are clear and you can choose your choice of name if not specified in the instructions.
  • Jayendrapatil's List of Practice Labs

Note: Try and take the test in an exam center as this exam has labs. If taken from home there could be a lag on the console which makes it very hard to complete.
Tip: If you do encounter this lag, you can work around this by minimizing and maximizing the browser every time you scroll or navigate.

Exam Results

  • The exam results are not available immediately after the test owing to the lab component.
  • On average you can expect your results in 1-2 business days.
  • If you haven't received the results after 5 business days, you could contact AWS Training and Certification.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding my study guide. Hope this helps with your preparation.

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