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Hackathon - Hack Together: Microsoft Graph and .NET 🦒 - Submission Day!

This morning I received the email with the submission reminder!
In the last few days I didn't have too much time to work on the project. I had other priorities at work and I didn't work on as much as I want.
It doesn't matter because it's an Hackathon just for fun.

By the way I created the issue on the official repository.

Project: M365 - Today #195

Project name

M365 - Today


It's a dashboard with some information about the day of the user: the last emails, the next appointments in the calendar, todo items, the weather (based on the city field in Azure Active Directory), and much more.

Repo URL

Team members


At the moment there are 195 project in the list!

Hackathon - Hack Together

The next steps

I submitted the project for the hackathon but in the next days/weeks I will work on the project again to improve the UI and the usability.
I would like to use the application for my purpose and I will share the solution to my colleagues as well.

Happy hackathon!

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Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it interesting!

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