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GTK4 `dotnet new` Project Template

I have been writing some samples using GTK4 using GirCore so its time to reduce the manual project setup steps and turn it into a dotnet new project template.

Project Template

Time to follow the excellent article by Syed Ibrahim.

I have taken out the project setup section from my GTK 4 tutorials and turned it into the template. I have created a console application, added GirCore.Gtk-4.0 nuget package to the project and updated the Program.cs to create a main Gtk window with Hello World label.

Next tutorial for GTK4 hopefully I will use this template to bootstrap the project. And I will keep it updated with new releases of GirCore.


  1. Clone repository locally
  2. Build nuget package dotnet pack -o .
  3. Install template for dotnet new using following command dotnet new install Gtk4.Templates.1.0.0.nupkg
  4. Create new project using template dotnet new gtk4-app --param:name [ProjectName] OR dotnet new gtk4-app -p:n [ProjectName]
  5. Uninstall template using following command dotnet new uninstall Gtk4.Templates


Source code for the template is available on GitHub in gtk4-dotnet-template repository.

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