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Git board - A dashboard build using React in two days from scratch.

karkranikhil profile image Nikhil karkra ・2 min read


I always want to build an application that has a dashboard. I decided to start building the dashboard using the GitHub API. I started the project called git-board which is is a dashboard for the top 100 repositories based on GitHub Stars.

Final Design

  • Home page
    Alt Text

  • Dashboard
    Alt Text

Technical approach

1) Create the base app using create-react-app
2) create two pages home page and dashboard page. The home page is the landing page that lists down the top 100 repositories. The dashboard page is the main page that shows the detailed view of the selected repository.
3) First created a Header component that is different based on the route as shown below
Alt Text

Alt Text

3) Use the fetch API to fetch the data from the Github API
4) In home page list down the top 100 repositories in card format with their logo, name, and description as shown below

Alt Text

5) Build a search box for filtering out the repository as shown below

Alt Text

6) on click of the card, we are navigating to the dashboard page and passing down the selected repo owner name and name.

7) In the dashboard page, we have created the grid using the flexbox based on our design

8) I have used the canvasjs charting library for visualization. Based on the types of a chart I have to build a component like BarChart, columnChart etc.

9)In the dashboard page, I have used the multiple GitHub API using the promise.all. Based on the data render the respective chart.

10 The final output of the dashboard is similar to as shown below.
Alt Text

Demo Video


If you like my work please give a star as an appreciation on my GitHub repository.

Github -
App URL -

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dabit_coder profile image
David Oliva Tirado

First of all, congrats for the project! Its a good idea and it looks nice.
I imagine you are still working on it, but you have several console.logs in your code.

Also,I have some improvements:

  1. It would be nice to use some destructuring. For example, you always use React.Component. In your import, you can do the following: import React, {Component} from 'react'.

  2. In your components/ContactChip you declared function ContactChip. You can create just a const contactChip = props => and do the same. It happens the same in Header and other components

  3. I don't know if is intended but there is an empty Footer.jsx.

karkranikhil profile image
Nikhil karkra Author

Hi David,
Yeah, it's not completed because I am planning to migrate the same using Graphql.
There are many things to clean up. I LL do it soon.

Thanks for your feedback and time
Cheers !!

ajaypatel profile image

How to show that fetch loading animation until it fetches from api, I'm noob so please help, thanks in advance

karkranikhil profile image
Nikhil karkra Author

Hi FoodBite,

I have build a small demo for you. If still have doubt let me know.

ajaypatel profile image
machineno15 profile image
Tanvir Shaikh

Thanks. I'll be using this as start for my react learning.