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Visual Studio 2022 Rollback

Rolling back will return Visual Studio to the version installed prior to the last applied update.

Having the option to roll back to a prior version is great although there are somethings to be aware of if Visual Studio is stable.

Preparation/Restore after rollback

Visual Studio extensions

If there are Visual Studio extensions installed they will be removed. If there are many and the installation files are not available, install Extension Manager extension. This extension allows you to export a list of extensions and importing them back into Visual Studio 2022. After the rollback reinstall this extension and use the restore option.

Some extensions will still be on the developer box but will not show up under the extensions menu like Jetbrains Resharper or RedGate SQL-Prompt.

  • Jetbrains toolbox can assist in resolving Resharper.
  • RedGate SQL-Prompt will still work but will not have a menu option when in a .sql file. This means live with it or uninstall and reinstall.

External Tools

If there are external tools then they will be wiped out. To get them back, from Visual Studio menu select Tools, Import Export settings which saves all or selection of settings. Once the rollback has completed import the setting back in.

Custom themes

Custom themes will not be there after a rollback, they need to be reinstalled.

Default project solution locations

If you have set the default location for projects under Options, Projects and Solutions, Location, this will revert back to the default so this needs attention.

ASP.NET Core/Razor Pages hot reload

This may revert to not reloading on file save, run a project and check Hot Reload on File save.

hot reload menu options


Text/code can be placed into the toolbox, after a roll back any text that resided in the toolbox will be gone.

Visual Studio tool-box

Be prepared now

Taking steps mentioned above today can save you if when a roll back is needed and Visual Studio is unstable.

  • For each Visual Studio extension installed, place them in a folder so that if needed they are easily accessed after a roll back.

  • Export settings as indicated above now and perhaps set a reminder in you calendar to remind you to export say once a month

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