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(Video) Advent of Code - Introduction to the Advent Calendar for Devs

Advent Of Code is BACK baby!

Christmas Elves Dancing

Ladies and Gentlemen, its now officially December, which means its time to open your Advent Calendar doors and get a tasty treat every day leading up to Christmas! However I want to tell you that there is an Advent Calendar for Developers...

Its a fantastic site where everyday of December a new coding challenge is unlocked for you to try and solve... The challenges are based on fun christmas-y type themes like santa and his elves and also importantly is completely language agnostic, meaning that you can use whatever programming language, development environment, frameworks & IDEs you like... Everyday a logical/mathematical problem is served to you and you can write code to try and solve it then return to the site afterwards to input your answer!

It is great fun and also lets you flex your coding muscles every single day of Advent! Id really recommend every to get involved and give it a go and of course you can sign in with your github account in order to save & track your progress. Let me know in the comments down below if you are up to date with your adventofcode calendar tasks...

Here's a video to explain it and also give you a brief demo into Day 1's problem with a quick Kotlin solution...

Enjoy...(P.S I had far too much fun making this one ;) )

Links from the video ======================

Advent of code website (Link to this year's challenge):

IntelliJ - The IDE that I used to code in the video:

Kotlin Programming Language - The Language I used in the video:


If you have ANY feedback or questions at all please reach out to me in the comments below or reach out to me on twitter:

My Twitter (@ben_kadel)

Thanks for reading and possibly watching!

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