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(Video) Android Project Structure - What are the files/folders that make up an Android codebase & how do they tie together?

The Android Project Structure...

This beast (image below, video further down ;) )...

Alt Text

  • What does it all mean?
  • What do all these files do?
  • How are Android apps "built"? All this and more...

The Android project structure is made up of many files and folders that when combined together in just the right way to create an runnable app for the Android OS. The files within relate to & utilize several different software systems, such as; build systems, version control systems & even obfuscation systems.

In this video I take you through each file and folder that makes up a default "blank" android project once it has been generated as part of a new project in Android Studio. I explain what each file's purpose is and how you (the developer) should interact with it, if at all.

This video is hopefully a comprehensive overview of an Android codebase so that you can understand & more importantly through the code & identify important files. Also this video is split up into chapters (using timestamps) on YouTube so that you can skip ahead to specific files/folders if you are interested in learning about specific elements...


The Video


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