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Git Tutorial & Explanation video series [First Episode] (YouTube)



I hope this post is ok here, I don't want to selfishly promote my own stuff, but I think this is quite relevant to this community so here goes nothing...


I am officially starting my own Git YouTube series (video below). I know there are 1000 and more out there already in the world... but I feel like maybe I can provide my own fun, unique take on it and can also clear up and give some useful analogies/insight in regards to some of the more confusing parts of git, making the whole git experience far easier and accessible.

Now-a-days it is a MUST that all devs know how to use git and I am constantly finding that they actually don't or at most they know the basic commands but have no idea what they are really doing or how the entire thing is all linked together and git is just a necessity for them to do when writing their code... I want to change that!

In these videos (First released, more will come) viewers will be taught EVERYTHING they need to know about the incredible software that is git and how to use it properly in terms of commands in a CLI (the way that it was meant to be used) so that at the end of it all they are fully comfortable and able to use it to achieve any VCS based task they desire and at the end, if they choose to they can still use a GUI but they will now at least understand what happens when they click those mysterious buttons...

What is covered (Ep1)

In this first video I cover the absolute basics:

  • What Version Control Systems are as a theory and how Git is one of them.
  • How Git is different due to being a 'Distributed' VCS (Version Control System).
  • I Explain the git init and git clone commands and explain the difference when it comes to starting or joining a repo.
  • I then help users understand the often confusing stages of git that exist inside your local machine (working directory, staging area & the local repo) using a very silly simple analogy...
  • I then explain the git add & git commit commands, showing real examples in the Terminal.
  • And finally I show the viewer how to briefly look into their repo history using git log and always be on top of changes inside their own machine as files get modified, added or deleted by using the git status command...

The Video

So for your viewing pleasure please enjoy... (more text below video)

Going Forward...

The next episode I will record will be on branching and covering that topic entirely, whilst also ensuring that lessons from the previous video have really been digested and understood. After that I will go on to merging, remote repo interaction and much more...

Aside from this being a post to advertise the videos, I am also looking for feedback from other folks here that share my love for git about the videos, how they are, if they are explained well enough and about future videos and topics to go into... So please if you have ANY feedback at all please let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on twitter:

Ben_Kadel Twitter

Thanks for reading and possibly watching!

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