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Fullstack GraphQL starter kit November update

karanpratapsingh profile image Karan Pratap Singh ・1 min read

Hi community, I am excited to share the November update which adds exciting things to the starter kit.


  • Full overview of the project, in this video I go over getting started with this starterkit as well as things like code organization, testing, e2e codegen etc. Hopefully, this was helpful to the community
  • Cypress as an E2E testing framework with sample test!
  • Prisma has been updated to version 2.12.1 with tons of exciting new features
  • Dependency updates and minor refactors

Full changelog/PR is available here


What do you think? as always feel free to reach out if you face any issues.

Happy coding 🎉

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mucorolle profile image
Muco Rolle Tresor

Hey Karan nice project what do you think of this one I think it's the same concepts

karanpratapsingh profile image
Karan Pratap Singh Author

Thanks, yes I heard about this few days ago from a co-worker, it’s pretty good, thanks for sharing