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Krishna Pathak
Krishna Pathak

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Anyone Knows What is the right way to get a remote job as fresh web developer ?

Hi, I am a newbie in this tech world and i don't have any clarity of how will i get my job if I become a web developer.

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Helder Ramos de Oliveira


Linkedin is the best one for this, as @maddy said.

You have more options here:

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Yeah, I agree.

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This might be one of the "cart before the horse" questions.

Getting a remote job as your first web dev job is hard. Remote jobs mean anyone can apply... so competition will be more difficult for a multitude of reasons.

Different time-zones, different languages, different laws and just being far away makes all things work more difficult.

Finally, if you're a new developer, odds are you will want to be able to learn. Learning in person with others directly beats remote learning. Being fully remote can stunt your growth.

It isn't impossible to get a remote job first, but it's harder and gives less. Something as simple as "working" can be difficult as you need to hold yourself accountable for your own tasks and work.

I usually recommend getting a job locally with a company in your location for at least a hybrid position so you can learn, grow and not have to fight everyone for the job.

Once you have some experience working and working remotely, then you can start to look at full time remote positions.

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In the same way you would get an in-office/hybrid work. The process is the same.

Just ask the company about their work mode.

If you're asking where to find remote jobs:

Indeed and LinkedIn are great for finding remote jobs.

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Being a newbie/ Junior Web Developer, I recommend to look a job work on site, that makes your self to grow faster, however remote job as newbie still possible and a lot of platform like linkedIn are good for job hunting, but remember be honest of your profile and make sure to inform the employer that you are willing to learn. Having a good character not only the skill is good to go. Even you don't have a portfolio as long as you can explain well the process of what you are doing that's good enough.

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In my experience companies want that you can prove your knowledge and also they care a lot about experience.
What worked for me was first build a good portfolio and then start working part-time as freelancer to earn professional experience at the same time that I started to apply to fulltime jobs.
Is hard work but is the path that worked for me.

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Do projects, gain experience and surely some company will appreciate you.

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LinkedIn. I got my first developer job immediately after a web development bootcamp. I used to apply for every job that fits some of my skills, and I got an interview.

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There are lost of job boards specifically for remote work like and to name a few.

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