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I've created a programming language...

I'd like to share my recent project - a compiler for my own programming language called "Yup". It's implemented using LLVM 14 in Go.

As of now, the language is quite primitive but more features are on the way. I've created some basic examples that show what you can do in yup:

Here's a small example of yup code:

import "$std/io.bc";

fac(n: i32) i32 {
    if n == 0 {
        return 1;

    return n * fac(n - 1);

main() i32 {

    var n: i32;
    scan_input("give me a number: %i", &n);
    fmt_print("%i! = %i", n, fac(n));

    return 0;
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checkout the full repository ;)

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