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Alternatives πŸ”₯😊 to the abandoned tymondesigns / jwt-auth 😠 laravel auth package

So the most popular and most widely used jwt-auth package appears to be abandoned by the owner.
Despite several issues, and pull requests by the community, the maintainer appears to be silent. The most common issue, described here makes the library unsuable with php 8.

Due to inactivity by the maintainer, this has forced laravel developers that use php 8, to look for alternatives.
Here is a list of alternatives to the tymondesigns/jwt-auth package, that i have managed to find, in my quest to find alternative packages.

  1. PHP-Open-Source-Saver / jwt-auth . This package has 52 github stars , at the time of writing and has its documented at readthedocks
  2. rcerljenko / laravel-jwt Another alternative that also rose out of the same need is this package by Ricardo Čerljenko . It has 26 github starsand appears to be less documented that the php-open source saver package.

PS: I will keep adding more great packages as i find them

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