Unconditional FizzBuzz with only CSS

kallmanation profile image Nathan Kallman ・1 min read

With Only CSS (5 Part Series)

1) Building a tooltip with only CSS 2) Styling a checkbox with only CSS 3) Styling a radio button with only CSS 4) Unconditional FizzBuzz with only CSS 5) Building an Accordion with only CSS

To celebrate you, my first 100 followers here on dev.to, I wanted to do a small cross-over post between my with only CSS series and my "Unconditional" FizzBuzz challenge.

A solution to FizzBuzz using only CSS (and HTML); so there's definitely no if statements here! As is tradition, I've output the first 100 FizzBuzzed numbers. My twist is that I've made it the numbering to my list of you all. Thanks for following!

And if you're new, welcome! I'll be continuing both this with only CSS series as well as wrapping up my comparison of OOP and FP using this FizzBuzz challenge. Follow me if either of those things interest you!


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