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Stephan B. R. Langenau
Stephan B. R. Langenau

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Test Linux without Installation

How to get an Overview

When you start with Linux to choose the right distribution can be hard. The Result: Distro Hopping.

To avoid this there are some solutions. You can download every distribution and create a bootable USB-Drive etc. But this is in my opinion not very beginner friendly.

To get a first overview i recommend Distro Watch. Here you can find every Linux distribution and more information about it. For example the basis on which the distribution is built etc.

Distro Watch is also like a Newsfeed for Linux Distributions. Here, for example, every update of a Linux distribution is displayed and the current top distributions.

How to test Linux

Yesterday, I found an article at Linux Journal about this topic. The Linux Journal is one of the oldest Linux Magazines. Sadly it was discontinued in the past after some trouble, but since September the 22th its back.

The Article features the Website DistroTest. Here you can Test a lot of Linux Distributions directly from your Browser. The speed depends on your Internet speed and the traffic on the Server. But to get a good overview on the distributons you are focused on, its perfect.

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