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re: Just out of curiosity - there are several people here posting about content they find unsavory or not useful. What is the content you most enjoy en...

I think all Dev communities could use more tutorials on using the core or standard libraries of languages. I think the best thing any newcomer can learn is what goes on under the hood. However, I also agree that the best way to learn something is to try and teach it to somebody else, as anybody who has tried to learn another spoken language well knows. I remember another thread on Dev that mentioned how our community is mostly new developers looking for an inclusive place to learn and ask questions. I believe @ben mentioned that as Dev grows it will attract more senior folk who can provide more constructive criticism. IMHO I'd say let the React and CSS guides roll on within reason and all of us will grow in time. Even a not-so-great tutorial can tell us something we didn't know.

For me, I love reading about the deep dives into technology, opinions on frameworks and languages. Even things like "How to get started with Vue.js" or "Twilio + insertFrameworkHere notifications" are fine by me. Thoughts on design trends or new packages. It's the poorly written, poorly formatted tutorials that cover basics "Hello World" that I feel aren't useful.

That makes total sense. I was going to ask some follow up questions here, but we're pretty far off the original post topic. I've created a #discuss post for this topic because I think intended use vs actual experience on social sites is super interesting! Thanks!

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